LOW PRIORITY Idea: Citadel Mission Board/Office

(Count Szadek) #1

So the idea is a new service module that would place a mission agent(s)/board in the citadel.

This would be based on Corpation Standings for NPC Corps and would give the ability of higher agents:

  • Corp Standing of 5.0 = Level 1
  • Corp Standing of 6.0 = Level 2
  • Corp Standing of 7.5 = Level 3
  • Corp Standing of 9.0 = Level 4
  • Corp Standing of 10.0 = Level 5 * Note: Only Provides if outside of Hi-Sec
    • You will have 1 of each agent per standing

The structures owners would be able to set the following settings:

  • NPC Corp that will gain LP for (See Required Standings Above)
  • Type of Agent (Security, Mining, Distribution, Research)
  • Enemy Pool (Select which enemies missions will be against. All missions against selected enemies will be added to the pool. This would help prevent abuse of only selecting certain missions, and on top of that would help lore/role play as you could be very anti-“Insert NPC Faction Here”) This would also include research type(s)
  • Note: FW could be selectable if Corp is enrolled

So why use these instead of Current Agents:

  • Location Location Location: Being able to place in the optimal spot could be very beneficial. A few quicks are level 5 agent in the system you want, or access to Pirate Missions* (though, you do need to keep a CORPORATE STANDING of 10.0 for 5’s)
  • Mission Pool: Being able to remove certain opposing factions (think removal of navy missions or pirate missions)

Other Notes:

  • Pirate Missions would lower Navy standings and thus may not be advisable for Hi - Sec (but still be possible)
  • Starbase Charters could be used as part of the fuel cost (instead of removing them outright with POSes)
  • These would NOT Include a LP Store, you will still need to go to one of these to cash in LP Rewards. This is mostly to keep Non-Empire NPC Missions balanced.
  • As stated in the Title, This is a LOW PRIORITY Idea, as there are things that do need to be changed before this should be, this is a future idea that could be quite interesting.
  • Fuel Costs would be similar to that of a Clone Bay
  • I was debating a Usage Fee for neutral usage, but decided against as the idea is to customize the mission running experience, not make isk passively.

(Pleasure Hub Node-514) #2

What are your thoughts on level 5 agents being roaming agents that seek player hosts for one to two weeks?

Corporations within a constellation or region could compete for being host to a level 5 agent. Factors for eligibility
would include making citadel a freeport, donating charters, etc. In return agents brings player traffic to citadel.

(Count Szadek) #3

I actually like this idea a lot. Competition for PVE, who would have thought

(Alex Dujev) #4

good idea.

But it requires rework on current mission system. Implementing procedure generation for missions could make such a thing possible (among many other benefits).

(Quelza) #5

Allowing players to establish mission resources wherever, whenever, of whatever type and level, against whomever, and as much as they want (since there’s no caps on Citadel placement in a system) sounds horrifically abusable.

(Count Szadek) #6
  1. its a service module meaning it needs to be fueled.
  2. level is determined by corp standing, which needs to be grinded. 9.0 corp standing with a npc corp for level 4s does not happen overnight

I feel thatdue to the fuel and standing requirements, any abuses is mitigated. If you disagree, or feel that i am missing something, feel free to elaborate.

(Trigori) #7

It could be more or less easily balanced with some form of system index penalty, i.e. more agents in a system -> more “bad” missions from those agents.

(system) #8

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