New agent citadel service module

Please look into producing an agent service module…

 let this module consume fuel
 let the agents cost isk to hire for station access...  availability based on standings and location ....
 let missions then be taxable from the station they are accessed in....
 let there be a new index in system mission running index like the production indexes...
 let the battle begin over who has control over the mission hubs lol...

This would result in much the same thing that was evident with the Teams feature… most Teams were useless, but a few were spectactularly strong, and they coveted billions of ISK for their services from a tiny few locations (namely nullsec capital construction).

The same thing would happen here. L5 mission agents would go straight out to nullsec, and stay there. You could easily justify spending $10B $100B ISK per week on a single agent. [EDIT] A single L5 agent can support a lot more carrier ratters than a fully-upgraded nullsec system.

In order to not completely ruin highsec and lowsec, you’d need to have;

  • a minimum length of time where the agent returns to their ‘home’ station before being open to being posted again.
  • some sort of discount factor that scales with distance the agent has moved (be that on the bidding process, or in the agent’s rewards later on).

I’d also be using this to screw with the SOE LP market. 1. Hoard up a pile of SOE LP. 2. Convert to SOE ships + probes. 3. Move all SOE agents to bumfuck nowhere. 4. Sell my SOE ships + probes once the market supply has dried up. 5. Make bank.

I’d also do this to FW missions too. But I’d probably just move the agents to a dead-end pipe, and set up a smartbomb camp at the entrance and laugh and laugh and laugh at the killmails.

PS: @ISD, please bump this down to #technology-research:player-features-ideas.

the beautiful thing is

if you did that … hords of corps would war dec and attack that structure when vulnerable spawning a great amout of pvp content over those agents … lol it would change the dynamics of alot of things and make the mission loot and some tech one industrial loot more valuable… there would be content for everyone arround it … pve pvp and mining industry… even exploration content… it would be way better than moon goo

This is how I would implement this if I had a choice.

  • Make this feature Highsec and Lowsec specific, similar to the thukker rigs in lowsec.
    Nullsec Already has system upgrades.

  • Restrict this Module to Astrahus, Fortizar and Keepstar citadels. Giving these citadels a clear use again.
    These structures have become a shell of their former selves since almost all functionality has been moved to other citadels.

  • Add a mission Index. The higher the index the lower the payout of the agent. A low index would give a higher amount of isk than an NPC station agent while a high index would provide less.
    Adding an index gives high end mission runners a reason to fight for indexes. Much like industrial corporations do with the industrial indexes.

  • The fuel cost of the module is constant

  • The income from the agent is taxable

  • The agent levels are linked to the module type. A separate module is available for each level of agent. Level 5 modules are only available in lowsec.

  • The size of the citadel allows 1,2 or 3 agents respectively.

Any feedback?

i like that approach.
i can see this working well and not having too much adverse effect on the market…
to simplify the process the agents dont have to be a specific corp they can be just race specific …

I just wonder would there need to be some sort of requirement for what faction of agent you get? Maybe have faction modules, so you put in the appropriate faction module for the faction you want. And how would you handle the agent type? Would it be something you select when hiring the agent? Or would it also be a part of the module?

it could be handled that way…
it would be simple…
or they could just use the location your trying to put it in

either way it should generate a list of available agents of all types based on the base operators standings and module type
so from the list you would select to hire an agent security research mining distribution

and a price just like a fantasy football recruitment list

Are you actually going to attack 1DQ? If so, what’s stopping you from doing that now?

Nobody is going to travel 50 jumps - through bubbles - to shoot a structure and get blobbed to hell.

dude there been epic battles like that… and wormholes make great alternative gates… personally no i wouldn’t but big alliances that want those agents might…

the fact that its getting you all riled up though means its an awesome content generator its in dream stage and already working…

A change like this would decentralise mission hubs and give corporations and alliances to create their own mission hubs. Generating isk for the station owners through taxes.

A change like this would decentralise mission hubs and allow corporations and alliances to destroy other mission hubs that compete with theirs. Taking away their taxed iskies.

This change would make certain system’s into hotspots for these service modules, coveted and contested by the local powers.

also @Chocolate_Pickle this is why I think allowing these in nullsec is a bad idea and I think you would agree. I would say if these were added that the outcome should be put to the test in high/low before it would be allowed in null. Even then only in NPC null.

if you would like to see something like this in the three original citadels… please post a reply and let us know how you see this working and why … maybe if enough people talk about it and suggest this ccp might look at it and add it to their plans for future releases… hopefully anyway…

there has to be alot of different ways this can be deployed… for a big content generator and isk maker for mission runners and station operators alike…

Mission agents are not going to cause people to come to 1DQ to get PVP content.

There are already plenty of people in 1DQ that will happily fight you. No Casus Belli needed.

And yet, nobody comes to 1DQ today.

If you wanted to interdict a hypothetical mission hub in there, you’d buy away the agents… and once again, you’re not sending a fleet there.

missions being the second largest activity in the game … and no one will follow the agents ??? what… so no one is interested in the easiest way to make isk in game??? and no one would fight to defend it or to control it ??? you believe that one your nuts…

There could definitely be some value in this if agent resources were competitive in a more natural way than a bidding war. Especially if there were a specific cost associated with certain factors.

For example, if an agent was placed in space not within its empires borders, it would cost significantly extra, if not be completely denied.

If an agent isn’t popular enough, it could charge more as well, encouraging the owners to attract more runners, or competitiors to interfere with mission runners.

Factors like the above could also be tied to a multiplier based on the quality of the agent, and the overall standings of the organization toward the agent/corp/faction.

So for example, having your own personal agent in some highsec backwater may not be very valuable when you add in all the costs.

On the flip side, having your own empire agent for your alliance could be extremely cost prohibitive or outright prohibited within “Angel Cartel” operated space (wherever the rats consider Home).

Want a pirate agent? Well, it’s going to cost you even more since your alliance has been ratting them non-stop for years. Aside from the fact that only specific characters who have clean standings will be able to take advantage of the agents. for example?

You better believe it!

It’s the easiest way to make ISK because - in highsec - you can’t be victom to PVP without a wardec, or Concord popping by for a chat.

you obviously have not been in high sec recently… daily there are people falling victim to pvp without war dec and concord… there are various game mechanics that allow this to happen… there is no safe place in new eden except staying docked up…

and there are quite a few corps and alliances that feel passionately about their mission hubs… so i doubt no one would respond…

i could see those restrictions working… and it being very cost uneffective if you don’t have the traffic… in fact like trading there is a brokers fee… maybe an agents fee comes out of the mission rewards with the station tax to offset the agents cost… and yes there has to be standing restrictions for location and personal… otherwise you will have some really messed up political maps…

But there are more game mechanics that allow PVP outside of highsec, than within. The result is that highsec mission running is relatively safe. In Null, you trade Concord protection for region-wide intel networks. Low and w-space have neither.