Questions About Placing Buy Orders?

Want to place a Buy Order in a Station/Structure which has Market available, using Corp Wallet…does the Corporation have to have Rented Office at that Station/Structure to receive the items being bought? If the Corporation does not have Rented Office, into whose Hanger would the purchased items appear?

Thank you for your time and assistance.


the corp deliveries hangar, this is independent from the hangars renting an office grants you.

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Thank you for reply and information.

Still trying to sort through all the various skills needed – and am unsure which need to be trained so my Buy Orders appear in other systems. I made a Buy Order, but if I make one jump through a Gate to adjacent system I can not see my Buy Order in the Market Screen, so I assume others will not see it either. What skills do I need to train to be able to place Buy Orders that appear in adjacent systems?

Thank you for your time and assistance.

EDIT: I ‘think’ I found the reason why I did not see my Buy Order in the next system: I jumped from “Ardene-Spaen-Sinq Laison” through one gate to “Ardallabier-Ysiette-Everyshore”, which took me from one ‘Region’ to another, and my Market Window only shows the current ‘Region’…am I correct in that is the reason my Buy Order did not appear in the Market Window after jumping through that gate?

Is there a way to set my ‘Market Window’ so it will show items from an adjacent Region, or is it limited to only the current Region? Frustrating that I currently cannot see items for sale that are only one jump away.

I have the ‘range’ on the Buy Order set at ‘1-jump’…should it not appear in that next system, even though it is different Region? Confusing…

It is called regional market for this very reason, you can only see/sell/buy from the local region only.

You can use a third-party market browser (websites) to check other / all regions out of the game but you still have to go there to buy or to sell.

The order range set still can not pass through regions.

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