Remote "Place Buy Order" - Unnecessary difficult to use for player structures (while in space)

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I’ll have to say I’m fairly new, so perhaps there are very good reasons for it, but my first instinct says this is not completely how it should work…

As I’ve gotten interested in Trading, I’ve trained ‘Procurement’ and ‘Visibility’ the last few days, so I can easily place Buy Orders remotely, with a nice buying range, from a distance. However, it is not fully working as expected: when I’m in space and want to place a remote Buy Order, only NPC stations are displayed in the “Select station” list that pops up. Player structures do not show (e.g. “Audaerne - SiCO Trade Center”, my alliance’s HQ), so at first I almost thought I had wasted my skill training time.

After some messing around, I did find a workaround for placing a Buy Order while in space, at distant player structures, but I’m no fan of it AT ALL: I first have to select a random station to get the “Buy < product name >” screen and there I have to right click the randomly selected Location -> Select Station and THEN I can finally search for player stations. Multiple extra actions, in which extra mistakes can be made.

My suggestion: when you’re in space and select “Place Buy Order” replace the current “Select station” list with the “Select station” search function, that also pops up when you’re in the “Buy < product name >” screen, when you try to change to location.
Alternatively, change the “Select station” list so it displays all Solar Systems in which you can currently sell (based on your Procurement skill level) as collapsed groups and upon selecting/expanding one of them, display all stations and structures with (accessible) market facilities in that system.


I can confirm this behavior. Pressing the “Place Buy Order” button yields a different popup when docked than when you are in space. When docked, the popup is the “normal” dialog that lets you specify all stations, including POSes; when in space, instead you are presented with a “Select Station” dialog which does not include POSes, though after you select a random NPC station then the normal dialog appears at which point you can select a POS.

The “Select Station” dialog needs to include POSes. Either that, or the initial popup could be the normal dialog instead of the “Select a Station” dialog, and the location would be blank until you specify (you would not be able to submit a buy order until you do so).

@Zythean_Tamerlane I’ll go ahead and submit a bug report for this.

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How about the ability to favorite stations, and be able to select them (i.e. from a dropdown box) without even having to search for them?

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