Modernize remote buying process for traders - please please fix this absurd situation

As a trader, I purchase items all over Eve and often do so remotely. As a result, I have all kinds of stuff stuck in random stations that I learned I could not access after buying the items. When discussed in the help channel. The following explanations/strategies are suggested.

It is up to the player to review their standings to determine if they have access to a hanger. Even so, I am told they can still deny me access after my purchase for any reason so it is suggested that I actually go to the station to make the purchase to be sure I can access it. Why have remote purchasing then?

As a roaming trader, this would require me to check every station in every system in every region of eve each time i roam through to determine if i can trade in those stations. That is absurd. As atrader today, in the current world, I can pretty easily determine where I can and cannot do business without much trouble.

If I might be so bold, in the era that Eve takes place in, it seems that my hitech computer that is used to fly a spaceship across multiple systems and do many other wondrous things, would probably be able to cross reference my standings against stations with items remotely for sale and not give me the option to purchase them.

today, in 2018, Amazon, Ebay, Walmart and other retailers can easily identify if an item is not available in my area, or cannot be shipped to certain locations or any number o freasons why I cannot purchase th eproduct. Dare I say, that a computer in the era of Eve should be able to do much much better.

Please. for all that is holy, allow my computer the ability to quickly cross reference my buying/selling data with my standings data or, even better, simply ping the stations computer and ask, can i pick up stuff there? and remove potential items for sale form the list displayed to me when i am shopping.

I am amazed that I am simply allowed to buy products at places I can’t pick them up with no warning or even the slightest suggestion that something might be a problem.

In the meantime, I have crap scatterred all across the universe that I have no way of accessing. Please update this to some kind of reaonable purchasing system.


TLDR stop whining and use asset safety to dump things from locked structures to the nearest station. Besides, iirc, you can only see structure-based market orders if you’re able to dock there to begin with, with the exception of ranged buy orders. As a bonus, this also means that here in the next few months, outside of NPC null systems, you will not see anything in the market if you arent allowed to use the markets.

Beyond that, if you were buying things without a care in the world from outposts in sovnull, it’s your own damn fault for not making sure you can access it.

That’s a funny thing in its own right. You cannot sell anything from a citadel to a range buy order originating in a citadel. Unless something changed in recent months, in sov null sec you won’t be able to sell anything to range buy orders any more once the outposts are transformed into citadels.

It’s really easy don’t trade in citadel’s? Do everything in stations? Citadel’s in high sec are for the Troll’s and the Troll’s keep them.

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