Market Remote Control

Hello friends,

I was thinking today about something new for Eve Online.
Market Remote Control (smartphone app), for controlling Market orders even if some one is not at home. (making and deleting orders, changing prices and even have a quick view what is happening with orders)
Ofcourse using app for example need at first skill training and PAY for using it.
For example 200-300ISK per month, i dont know.

Personly, i realy love Regional Market and i do love to make business with ammunition.

For a businessman like me it’s every important to always be 1st one in Market with best prices.
For example:
Before i go sleep, i do check all my orders, in case if someone maybe lower my prices.
Because if i go sleep, and someone lower my prices, then i dont make a profit in night.

I check my market everyday, and it will be realy cool if i can do it also in my work or even if im not in home!

That’s why i think about Smartphone app where we can control Regional Market in every place we are.
Work, Outside with friends, everywhere where we cant use our PC.

Its will be nice money for CCP and much fun for people that playing Eve Online and they love to do Regional Market Things!

What You think about this ?

Best Regards,
Arkadiusz Cichon

Sounds like a cute idea that I believe is ultimately a waste of time and development resources.

Why You think that is a wasting time and development resources ?
Do You have any experience with Market Business ?
It’s also works in real life, this shop wo have the best price, will have more customers.

I think it will be a good move . You want to help me to make it real please ? :slight_smile:

Sounds like an invitation for more market bots

It was dedicated for fair players. More RolePlay. I dont understand why You thinking so negativ about this :slight_smile:

Because the first test of an idea is how bad it is if you abuse it.
This opens the door to market bots big time. As it means there have to be external calls to the market.

Bots at smartphones ? ^^
I dont think that we need to be scared about this, we can also Ban People, if it will not works then Permament Bans, lets hold Eve free of Hackers :slight_smile:

And its always nice to hear in some Game Internet Sites about Games who massive bans a lot of people :slight_smile:
Its a good for us if people see that CCP do something with hakers. Then comes more people to our world :slight_smile:

Fear is the biggest problem of progress.

Dont be scared, go forwadrd in future :slight_smile:

No, I actually don’t.

Do you??

I think you are underestimating the amount of work it takes to create and maintain an App on either Android or iPhone systems.

The amount of time and development it would take to create something like this would be better spent on pretty much anything else. I would much rather see CCP bring back walking in stations, than to create, manage, and maintain a completely new app only for the sake of updating market orders.

Walking in stations ? Cool idea but what it gives to CCP ?
You have forgetthat we as a players need to support them too for their hard work, and DONT ONLY THINK ABOUT US but also think about CCP.

You want that EVE stay always updated ? They need at first some MONEY to do that.

Waling in stations also need work, WORK cost MONEY.

They will not have any profit from this.

But My Ideaa will give PROFIT for CCP and FUN for PLAYERS.

They already have APP Eve Online POrtal, just need to upgrade it, or even try something with EVANOVA.

Dont think only about You please, but think about others too.

I mean. of all of the nonsense you are spouting, this is the only thing I agree with.

Creating a smartphone app that’s only designed to do market orders will not create any profit for CCP. This alone should be more than enough reason why CCP should NOT do this. :slight_smile:

How is this good for EVE?
You’re being selfish and only thinking about how this will help YOU, but you ignore how much time, money, and development time this wastes.

Would this bring in new players? No.
Would this create a meaningful increase in subscriptions? No.
Would this encourage non-EVE Onine players to try playing EVE for the first time? No.

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If You cann read TEXT with understanding it there will be no any problems and discussions.

I have already told that using this app wil cost about 200-300 PLEX per month or something like that.
There is toons of way to choice the way of payment.

As i said above, they will get money back after people paying for using APP :slight_smile:
Scoots_Choco, You dont even have any good arguments.

Of course it will bring new Players, because it will be something new, something what other games dont have.

Of course it will increase subscriptions becuase people then want to do more Businessat market.
You want make better businness, You need OMEGA for using better ships for example to collect asteroids or transport more things.

Only positive things, You dont even think logically.
It was in school. Logically thinkings.

What happends if we do A and what happend if You do B.
There is many solutions and many ways to get our point.

I recommend buying a book, the basics of business :slight_smile:

The biggest problem here is with this tool a marketeer has little reason to even log in after than.

We had/have an app with limited functionality. It’s called EVE Portal. I think you can still download it, but as mentioned: very limited functionality. Nothing where you could alter ingame things like your skill queue or market orders. But you can write mails I think, not sure if it still works.

Actually as easy as on regular computers. You can buy used smartphones for like 50 bucks that will be able to run the application you want. If it’s android you enable developer mode in the settings and can start playing around.
This was an oversimplified explanation in three sentences, but bots on smartphones are very much possible.

Thats what i mean, they can even upgrade EVE Portal with more functions :slight_smile:
Dont need to make new APP.

Ouuu i didnt know, thanks :slight_smile:

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