Global Market

@CCP: I know it has been discussed before, but I would like to see a set of Skills (top level, expensive) to view prices globally (top prio) in-game, and ideally to be able to place and accept orders beyond region for Contracts and Market - to balance things out I would accept certain drawbacks


I am against that. I believe it would further harden the dominance of Jita and make it even easiert to make more profit with less effort. Especially when being able to remotely buy stuff for an attractive price and re-selling it for a higher price without even moving there. It just gives the stationtraders more power, increasing the prices for those who actually need the stuff as end-consumer.


I use evetycoon, a great help…

Well, the transport of goods to and from Jita would still be the hurdle. The further away from Jita the more premium one should have to pay or the higher the discount one should have to accept.

But now I feel that people buy at a premium above the transport cost and people sell below reasonable discounts - and that reduces liquidity in goods, I believe bid and ask orders more orders could be filled with more visibility.

The availability of 3rd party tools already provides the visibility… to those who want it. Is it not Time for Eve to bring it in-game?

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