Checking markets in other regions IG

Basically the title.

Eve is almost or over 16 years old. And we still have to check market orders with 3rd party tools OOG, or alts, or through chat channels.
We really should be able to do this on our own, with a built-in market query tool by now. It should help traders to find better deals around the cluster without having to rely on 3rd party tools or requiring you to get at least 5 alts for market hubs, and I think would make market PVP a bit more interesting, with a higher probability of someone snatching that sweet deal just in front of you - and possibly finding great opportunities outside of hub regions.

To reduce server load, it could be limited to one query per account for like every 15 seconds or whatever would make most sense. If you’re not a robot or a savant, it should take that 15ish seconds at least for you to compare prices and calculate/guesstimate a profit margin anyway.

I’m looking forward to hearing why this would be a bad idea and would ruin the game.

Well to start I would argue that it would take less than 15 sec to see an obviously bad deal.

Edit: and with that the whole idea is just utter rubbish:)

Nope, reduces travel and as a result reduces destruction.


…How on earth did you come to that conclusion? On the contrary being able to find deals from other regions should increase travel…

A lot of players, especially newer players, fly out and take a look.

This is global EZMODE based on “the game is 15 years old lets make it easy”. The game is 15 years old because it is not easy.

It would make more sense to remove the ability for 3rd party programs to look at the market. I think that giving people the ability is a relatively bad idea, but I’m not being asked anyway.


When I can look up Amarr from Hek, I don’t need to go there. I also don’t need to go to The Forge, Sinq Laison or any of the others. I would not need to move until I’ve found what I’m looking for. When I can’t look up all the other regions from Hek, I’d have to visit them all one by one and maybe I’d be smart enough to figure out how to minimize the amount of jumps.

Can you please explain how you imagine your idea leading to more travelling?

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