Market Bots

Been playing this game many, many years, so I know the difference between a market bot and a kid who never goes out and plays the market 24/7.

My question is, has anyone noticed an increase in market bots of late, and if they have and they reported them, how would they grade CCP’s response to dealing with them

I’ve come across a number lately, and my own experiences of reporting them is that CCP are totally reactive to them at the moment (as opposed to being proactive), and when they do something, its the bare minimum - in each case its been like pulling teeth to get anything done

And what exactly definitively proves it is a market bot rather than a player?

I have no idea how a market bot would even work. There’s still a large amount of clicking to be done, even if you can pre-generate all the required quantities and prices…

Also, I’d have no idea how someone could tell the difference in an anonymous marketplace.

Would adding a reCaptcha system for market updates and frequent posts in local help alleviate some of the issues with market bots and spam?

God please no.

Updating orders takes long enough as it is, if I have to click more things I think I would be compelled to undock instead.

For the love of god no, holy hell, no.

Jita local spambots are stupid easy to find and report. Who else is dumb as ■■■■ to repost finished contracts (finished by days or more) for hours on end?

I know the difference between a market bot and a kid who never goes out and plays the market 24/7.

No, you don’t.

Also a reminder that only updating the orders has to be done manually.
Writing a python script that fetches the API for your current open orders, then checks the market API if you have been outbid on any of them, plays a sound alert if the answer is yes, and gives you a list of orders that you need to update (and suggests a new price you should update to so you don’t need to even open the ingame market window) is a perfectly valid gameplay mechanic.

@Pleasure_Hub_Node-514 may be on to something… Just think of how much more profitable trading would be if each person had to complete a reCaptcha every 30 minutes (kind of like hacking a relic site).

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How do you know he doesn’t? When things like this happen it pretty easy to spot a bot.

Also, while it might(yes I said might) save you some time to trade using a program in the manner you explained. It’s actually horribly inefficient to trade like that when it comes to profit. And it also leaves you open to being easily manipulated.

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