Market Bots : New tool for reporting needed

So Amarr has not one but TWO new market BOTS this week.

When one logs out, the other logs in…………

BOTH accounts are OLD - Over 5 years with NO CORP CHANGES in those years…….

Then suddenly Both accounts become active, and all of a sudden you can’t buy ore in Amarr without being beaten by a Bot………… I’ll suggest that they have been hacked or hijacked but whatever the case it’s causing Havoc with the MOST BASIC of market prices.

It’s high time this was put to an end…………


As for regular Amarr guys - I’ll ask you to just try it - place a buy order for a small amount and then see which of the two toons raises you up… Both Bots have been pretty prolific the past 7 or more days days given their 5 year lapse in the game…

Won’t take you long to find out “Eve Who”.

If you think they are bots, use the in game bot reporting feature and don’t cry about it on the forums.


So you’re idea for a new tool is what? And why would it be better than the existing report button?

I didnt read any proof of bots. Sounds more like someone came back to the game and uses their accounts to play the market.

If I wanted to take the time I could control items on the market with one character.

Obviously these must be bots.

Instead you take the time to post this thread, why? You’re suspecting they’re bots, yet you don’t report them as bots, why? What’s the point of this thread?

Your underestimating players willingness to sit their clicking buttons every 5 minutes on multiple market orders across multiple accounts and clones all day long. They seem like bots in nature but their are actually real people who do this for whatever reasons. Obviously they have more time to waste than most of us who wouldn’t bother.

Or you know, just people having tools to tell them when an order is cut, and choosing a new value for that order automatically. Also opening the UI in game automatically.

I do that, and I know other people do it too from the way the orders look like on Jita. You can do something else, and when someone cuts you, you receive an alert, and just click a button to have your Eve client open the market, you just right click modifiy the blue order, ctr V, enter, go back to what you were doing.

It looks like bot for people who don’t know it - it’s not.

Market bots pfft. How about all the bots running the conduits. I have reported so many now and quite a few dont seem to be around the area i play anymore. I figure banned or they moved to new area. I have noticed the bot either uses a faction fit vindi and doesnt dock until dt. I have scanned the vindi’s and 1 had almost 8 bil in surveys :frowning: The other i have seen is 2 praxis and 1 corm. Neither use mtus. I have followed 1 vindi around for 2 hrs looting his wrecks in a badger. They dont agro or even yellow box.
CCP really needs a way to combat botters but sadly i think its a lost cause :frowning:
Just my 3 cents worth

It is a lost cause, botting is as old as the game itself and CCP probably only adapted to market towards it more effectively than finding anyway to prevent or even limit it in game. I wouldn’t blame them if it were up to me I would track bots all the time, wait until they are at their highest potential and then just ban them all and let em start over and have to buy their way back into the game, having deleted most of the value they add to the game in the process of rinse and repeat.

The nature of botting isn’t always as great as they make it out to be in the video game business for most players who do it. A lot of them are just being scammed and will get caught and lose all they have gained or just enough to convince them to buy back into it and continue doing it, likely.

Still, even if they are not bots and just using tools and logging in every time someone 0.01 ISK under their price it is an awful waste of time that doesn’t pay off in the long term for what it costs you. Maybe for short periods of time when activity is high but even then still just bottom feeding the market when your unlucky enough not to have something better to be doing… :yawning_face:

If they really cared enough about it they should just add mechanics to allow players to automatic their trading but truth is there are better ways to get value out of trading on the market and easier ways to mess with bots.

Damn dirty bots, something must be done!

Depends a lot.
It’s better to keep your toon logged. It just takes 30s every 5 min, if you want to do it - you can as well wait and only do it when you are taking a break.
If you go for very small price item, yes. But in the long run, if you have 200 offers on sale, each of them being sold for 100+M , that can double your income in the day.

Not saying it is always a waste of time but for most the juice is not worth the squeeze and by the time it is worth it you could be invested in more passive ways to gain income on the market. The potential can be greater than most activities at those higher levels, but your still just sitting their grinding away at it even if only a few seconds every few minutes it will eat away at you until you dont care how much ISK it can make you even at it’s best it still feels like too much of a commitment to attend to.

I mean you got to start somewhere but the goal should be to get as far away from doing that again as possible in the future. My preference anyways but I am just lazier than most and will always look for the easier way to do it.

Don’t look for the hardest work to do, just the smartest.

I agree with that.

It’s not possible, because the market system in eve is stupid. CCP should PREVENT an order from being buyable for the first … 1 hour after it’s published/updated. So that if you update your orders more than once per hour, you don’t sell.

Well making the hard work easy is part of being smart.
The thing is, if you don’t play that game, you don’t sell, because other people play that game. Actually you will sell, but the gain will be like 1 month after the order.

Simple CAPTCHA would solve the problem completely!

Where there’s a will, there’s a way

There’s just NO will.

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He clearly wants a button to press that would immediately ban the person from using the market outright without CCP intervention or investigation.

That or compounding the time between a change in each order. I.e. if you set up an order, and keep changing it, the more you change, the longer the timer becomes on when you are allowed to change it next.

no because then you just need to split into several orders.

Well you could make it so that unless it’s a brand new order on a different item, the timer just keeps compounding?

That’s too complicated and would create too many bugs and performances issues.