Market Botting is currently off the Hook

Dear CCP, can you spend a little time clearing out the hubs of market bots? It seems a botting tool is making its way around the Russian speaking community, or maybe it is a single RMT operation.

I don’t know how some manage to miss program it but some of the orders it has been making is pretty hilarious alongside insane numbers of duplicate orders. It is relentless and dumps on orders each ESI pull 23/7.

Yet again just a friendly reminder that you should be ending 23/7 market ESI pulls if you actually want a player base. One external client pull per day at down time would be more than enough for pretty much all legitimate market tools.

Also I think it is safe for you to ban these immediately without waiting for your so called ‘‘ban waves’’. When someone makes 25 orders in a second minus the order update time I think it is safe to say even the botter knows that’s why it was banned.

hey brewlar, we know you hate bots etc… but why not submit a ticket since that will get more traction than a forum post.

I feel a forum post is useful as it will let other legitimate market players who’ve also noticed this fairly recent change in the markets add any information they might have too.

It also puts slight pressure on CCP to act on this stellar uptick in botting, something that we all know they are always reluctant to do unless it is RMT related.

Anyway the markets are being trashed by a off the hook bot, would be nice if CCP nipped this one in the bud as it is currently ass hammering them outside of Jita.

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