Something Amazing happened to Amarr today

The single Player Owned Market hub in Ashab “Port Royal” got Re-Inforced………… Now, if you trade from Amarr, you will know that it is the ONLY one that has survived the test of time.

Nothing spectacular about this news but if you DO TRADE in Amarr you will have noticed that EVERY SINGLE AMARR MARKET BOT stopped trading at the same time as “Port Royal” was Re-Inf’d. No Market orders that were placed at “Port Royal” got updated and no NEW ONES were placed locally at the NPC to replace the highy inflated prices that these BOTS are trading at.

@CCP - While you wage War against the Null VNI’s - PLEASE CONCIDER that FAR MORE damage is done to the Markets Via these Bots………

I post here ONLY TO RAISE awareness of this and I encourage ANYONE that does station trade that we need some new way of alerting CCP to the damage that these market bot’s do.

The “Report as Bot” tool needs some re-vamp - so that the GM’s have some idea of what these Bots are doing - Mining, Ratting, Market, etc - I am more than sure this would speed up the elimination of such EULA offenders.

Please Below, your thoughts…………….


Evidence please

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That would mean releasing data containing player names which I am more than sure is against EULA here.

I have no need to highlight individual names since the Bots have since been reported - The Aim of the post is to highlight the fact that since Port Royal lost it’s market - so did the Bot’s influence on a 1 jump range from Amarr Central.

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So the only player owned market hub in ashab gets reinforced, market orders disappear, and this is the evidence that they were all bots somehow?

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Look, I do the majority of my trading in Amarr. I also offshore my buy orders in the ashab market. I’ve never had a problem buying and selling them. Sure I get .01isked constantly but is that really evidence that I’m competing with a bot or that maybe there are just many active traders across all time zones? I wonder if you’ve reported me because I undercut you.

I get that bots are a problem in this game but crying “bot” when your evidence is just simple game mechanics is very silly


Market orders DID NOT disappear - This is my point in case - they remained - But since the Hub got Re-inf’d, they were NO LONGER able to be updated…………

No new one’s were created and since I actually DO TRADE there, It’s pretty obvious that they are controlled by a BOT than a live player.

Again, you keep saying it’s obvious but where is the evidence? All you have is your opinion


I think you are missing the point I am trying to make.

I am not against aggressive market trading, but when you have 3 orders up for the same item and they are beaten every 1.5 minutes after an hours trading and then SUDDENLY STOP when station services go offline…………….

What I am saying is - LETS raise awareness that Market Bots are in the game AND Let’s give the GM’s a real chance at tracking them.

The current “Report as Bot” tool does nothing to allow you to help the GM’s find what you are reporting as a BOT and more to the point - Which is what you are asking for - EVIDENCE.

As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words and you can’t attach a screenie or anything related to reporting a Market Bot.

Trust me - I love Amarr - I’d just like to see it Bot Free - NOTHING against “Port Royal” at all - it just happens that once it fell - So did the Bots………


There doesn’t really seem to be any conclusive evidence that these are bots.

That they haven’t set up new orders at a functioning market could be nothing more than laziness. Arguably, that might even indicate that they’re actually people, as bots don’t get lazy.

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My thoughts exactly

Anyway, ok go ahead and raise awareness that there are bots in eve online

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If you had battled for 1.5 hours raising 3 orders for the SAME item EVERY 1.5 minutes and then it suddenly stopped when Port Royal Services went offline then you would see my point. (I have evidence but I can’t post it since the thread would simply get locked)

Above all that though - the REAL reason to raise this issue is to IMPROVE the way that BOT’s are reported………

Surely we can have some sub-menu that indicates “What type of BOT” CCP should be looking for when we report them.

If, like me, you trade in Amarr, then surely this can only be a good thing ?

As for a Bot changing the “System” it places it’s order in - I have yet to see one that has an AI good enough to do that…………. CCP or the player-base may know otherwise but I stand by my post - Once Royal fell - so did the Bots.


Can’t help but wonder if there’s some other fella out there who reported you as a bot using the same rationale.


I’m with the others who say this is not sufficient proof of bot - but- regardless, enjoy your limited time window of market exclusivity - before orders are replaced - regardless of method.

Totally agree Haulie - That said - after Port Royal fell - so did the Bid raising on the buy orders I had set.

What more can I say ?

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That literally tells us nothing about whether or not it’s a bot. It tells us that those orders aren’t being refreshed right now.

It doesn’t even tell us, for a certainty, that those orders are specifically NOT being refreshed because the cit was reinforced. While it seems a likely correlation, it’s entirely possible that they’re managed by a player who is out of town or not playing today for some reason.

It’s also entirely possible they’re managed by a player who doesn’t feel like moving their orders, especially if they figure the cit is likely to survive the timer.

You’re nowhere near anything conclusive right now, is what we’re saying. :woman_shrugging:


Relevant username, right here. :smiley:

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If I had some high value orders, I might watch the situation before incurring new taxes & broker fees. It would depend on the item :wink:

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Once again, I FULLY AGREE with the comments………….

However, since It against EULA to post screenies of Members and/or transactions then it is impossible for me to prove who is/was botting VIA the market…………

I will ask again - Let’s have some better method of reporting Botters - Not just Market one’s as I am trying to highlight in this post, but all botters in-game.

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It is not against the EULA to release player names.

Sin Charen-Teng.

See, i just released your name.