Station Trading - when the GUI is your biggest enemy

Just a little note. not a rant. a little like huh why it be like this (for refence im not on photon just usual game)

  • When im browsing the market, if one of my buy or sell orders gets action, the game jumps my browsing backwards a few screens.

for example -

i’m looking at

ammuntions > bombs and charges > bombs > scorch bombs

decide to not invest. move on

i go to cap booster charges, click on it, start to expand some menues and click on things

all of a sudden i sell one t1 nosferatu off a sell order

the game resets my browsing back to scorch bombs

i don’t want my browsing to reset constantly especially when im trading in volume so its constant and my browsing is impossible due to constantly buying and selling

? is there a workaround to this? or should i raise a ticket

The items i want to watch i dont watch to watch through the market orders menu. iuts tiresome and cumbersomne especially since stuff moves around when you modify orders

i set up my containers in station so i can pack all items away out of sight and just the items i want to watch i put in my item hangar

i then put my watchlist items into an order in my item hangar based on how often i want to cycle through them and check their prices (so much easier just to have those items in an order in your item hangar and right click them). I essentially set up my own GUI within my item hangar based on what i want to click, and how often

but if i leave station etc it resets the order i placed my items in my item hangar. is it possible to lock the positiion on the screen i put those item in? rather than allow the game to constantly reset the ‘gui’ i set up everytime i look away xD


Yeah, that sounds like bug. I would file a support ticket. You can also try general troubleshooting steps if you’re getting desperate (i.e. clear cache, reinstall eve).