Cannot sell items somehow?

Im relatively new to eve, i used to play for some weeks then got bored then came back etc so im not very advenced in the game yet.

I decided to beginn a trading “hauling” career. So i bought a Caldari Industrial ship. Then i thought to myself : ok, i am going to buy an Item at Jita for a low price, and then i will sell it to a place who only has a few, but which are cheap.
So i took a random item. I thought “ok everybody needs ammo so i’ll buy ammo”. I got my industrial, then went to Jita where i took 15k inferno missiles. I didnt wanted to invest too much for my first try. The Infernos sold for 230 ISK piece or something like that.
I found my target system : Uemon - Mivora - The Forge. there was only one station who sold 100 inferno missiles for 200 ISK.
When I arrived with the cargo, i bought 100 left so that only my missiles would be bought in the system.
The plan was : i would then sell my 15.1k missiles at 280-300 ISK / piece to make moderate benefits and the price would have been acceptable for players.

Now the problem : when i click on “sell this item” a window appears. i can select quantity and price. but when i set a price, even making losses, the top of the window appears red and i cant sell for any price whatsoever. What is my mistake ?
And most importantly is my strategy good ? Or what shold I do differently ?

(sorry for occasional grammar mistakes, i’m not an english speaker)

thanks o7

rectification : i found out i can only sell them lower than 39.7% discount. eg 130 ISK per unit, where i bought them for 230 ISK per unit. Has this something to do with the station itself ?

No, it has to do with selling window you mentioned - you can only set up arbitrary price if you had selected market order duration longer than “immediate”.

No. You should probably learn how trade works at all.

hint: if there are only 100 missiles at some remote station - that just means that some newbro just like you put a market order there (probably got the missiles from rats) and not that missiles are needed there. No one will go to some system in the middle of nowhere in Forge region (or in HS in general) to buy things higher than Jita/Perimeter

Can you provide a screenshot of the market and your sell order window?

Chances are that you’re trying to sell the items with the duration set to “Immediate”, which requires that there be a buy order at the price you want to sell it to.

That was probably it. I abandonned and left the station a for a while now and its far away i’ll try later


But thanks :wink:

That game is so huge everytime i try to get back into it, i get totally overwhelmed by the massive number of aspects to learn. I really wanna put myself into this game, but it’s so huge and, imo, so noob-unfriendly, that just can’t manage to play more than 2 weeks at a time every 6 months >_<

Stop the cycle and do something differently this time. Join a corporation that an help you learn the game instead of trying to do it alone. It will go MUCH better.

Here’s a recent, clear explanation of EVE trading, made explicitly for new and alpha characters:

as wander told you, this is a mmo, join a corp to get advices and learn

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