Confused why I can't Immediately Sell

I’m still relatively new (< 3 weeks) to EVE. I’ve been finding my way around pretty well and usually can find the answers I seek via my own research. However, I hit a problem that’s got my head scratching, and I’m not really sure if I’m doing something wrong or if there’s a bug. Anyway, I figured the best way to do this would be to describe what I’m experiencing and hopefully someone can lend me some insight.

Here’s the scenario… I have 600 units of Product-X that I’d like to sell. Looking at the Market, there is a Buy Order for 2,000 units of Product-X placed 3 jumps away (which is highlighted in Green, so it is within range) that would like this item for 1,200 ISK each. Great! I right-click on Product-X and select “Sell This Item”. Setting the Sell Order to “Immediate”, Product X is highlighted in RED indicating that I can’t sell it.

I thought that perhaps it was because the sell value defaulted to something close to 1,700 ISK, so I lowered it to 1,200 ISK. No dice, I still can’t sell it.

Then, I thought if I offered it at an even lower cost that maybe the Buy Order would kick in… so I changed it to 1,199 ISK. Item is still highlighted in RED.

Finally, I figured I’d try creating a Sell Order for a week in length at 1,199 ISK and maybe then the Buy Order would kick in and take it… but still nothing. So its sitting in the Market now, but I hate that I had to waste a Market Order on this as I wanted to just sell it ASAP.

I mean, this isn’t an epic amount of ISK, but its annoying because I want to get rid of Product-X now and I don’t want to space it if I can get 720K ISK for it. I’m not sure if I’m doing something wrong or if I should be reporting this as a bug. Can someone advise?

Option 1: You’re trying to sell to a remote buy order from an upwell structure.
For example, if someone placed an order in the TTT keepstar in Perimeter with a 1 jump radius, you could sell to that order in all the NPC stations, as well as the TTT keepstar itself. However, you couldn’t sell to it out of any of the other upwell structures that are in Perimeter.

Option 2: the buy order has a minimum quantity.
Guys don’t want to have to fly to 40 different stations just to pick up 67 units of tritanium here or there. So, they’ll often set minimum quantities. For example, they might require that you sell them no less than 10k units. So, check the “min volume” column to make sure this isn’t the issue.


Ah, Option #2 was the answer. He wanted to buy 2000 units with a minimum of 2000 units. Thanks so much for the assist!

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When I have that issue, i usually adjust the quantity until it will allow me to sell it, cause when i go to sell the rest, the price is adjusted for whatever the next order is.

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