Immediate Order Fail

I tried to set an immediate sell order in a citadel in Mih, but I was notified immediate orders will fail. I checked market details and noticed tons of regional buy orders, but I couldn’t sell to any of them. I could only sell to those with station orders. I left the structure and went to a station 3 jumps later and I was able to get my stuff sold. Why did immediate orders fail with orders elsewhere in Mih in range?

Buyers can set buy ranges for their orders. Usually, most orders are set for station or system buy, to minimize the amount of flying around the buyer has to do to collect the stuff they bought. If you’re out of range of the buy order, you can’t sell immediately to that order.

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That would make sense, but the market said these were orders with “regional” as their range and these orders were in other systems in Mih. And it wasn’t like it was some bug that caused some system buys to display as “regional” to me since I was able to sell the stuff without actually going to the stations with the buy orders, just not at the citadel I saw those orders from.

Buy orders can also set minimal amount of said item you can sell to said order.

also remote buy orders cannot be filled from an upwell structure, since the buyer may not have docking access there

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Oh… well probably buying one of everything probably didn’t help.

General High sec trade advice,

  1. Set buy orders in upwells.

2.Always immediate sell in the NPC hub.
Always long sell in hub.

Upwells have less traffic for all but PLEX or super high value items.

Don’t these two contradict each other? Jita is an NPC hub… AND a hub.

Basically always sell in the NPC hub, even if the upwell has higher sell prices the traffic will be terrible.

The TTT at first was promoted as a place to sell, it only sells PLEX items now & very expensive trades so structures and jump freighters + ect, other than that all it is used for is buy orders.

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