Problems Selling Items

Evening all,

I swear this will be a daft question.
Why on earth i am unable to selling items, that have buy orders in the same station…

Anytime i try to sell any item, its just red with the value of 1 isk.

Thanks in advance.


Change the date range from “immediate” to what you want…i suggest 90 days…

Don’t worry about questions…the more you ask the easier Eve will be…reading lots and lots also helps…


You are trying to sell on immediate, which is based on local region sell orders. If there are none then what you had happen happens. Also it is not advisable outside of major trade hubs as those prices can be 80% or more less than actual decent prices.

Take it to a trade hub or change the date range to 90 days and input the price you want. This will create a sell order.

There are 2 things going on here, if you are trying to sell that item to the listed Buy Order.

  1. The buy order is in a separate structure. In the Jumps column, it states “System”. So the buy order is in the same system you are in, but in the same Station you are in.

  2. In addition, you cannot sell items to a remote buy order from within a player owned Upwell structure (Citadel, Engineering Complex, etc.). This is to prevent someone from selling items to a remote buy order where the buyer may not have access to the player owned Upwell structure.

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