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Don’t know if anyone else is having this problem or not, but I can’t sell immediate. I have the goods, they are sitting in my inventory (not in cargohold of ship). I’ve got the buys sorted by highest bid. I am in the correct station. There are enough buy orders on the high bid to cover what I’m selling. But it won’t work.

If I specify immediate, it still acts like I want to create an order (even though I don’t), and it tells me my order price is priced extremely low, and asks me am I sure. So I adjust the order price to match the high bid (even though I’m not creating an order), and it won’t let me sell, it just barks at me.

I logged out of Eve and logged back in, but am still having the issue.

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when it asks if you are sure just say yes, it should go through then. shouldn’t need to adjust the price. Might need to adjust the quantity to match the order but that’s a different warning message.

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Already tried that, selling a single unit instead of thousands (as a test). It went through at the low price, not the highest bid.

I’ve sold things thousands of times in Eve. I’ve never seen this glitch before. I moved to another station and I’m allowed to sell stuff, but not at the price of the other station.

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by default it should match the highest bid when you click on the sell button.

Are you trying to sell in a citadel? if so you can only sell to orders in that citadel.

if you post a screen shot could probably help figure it out

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Also it might help to ‘Clear All Cache Files’ in Esc menu - ‘Reset Settings’ tab.

That usually clears out little annoying bugs.

I’ll try this - thanks.

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An order can also have a minimum number of units required to fulfill the order. Usually the minimum number is one. But you could set it to be anything.

This is how you perform arbitrage scams btw.

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