Selling From Inventroy by Right Click

If I sell something in my item inventory by right clicking while in a station, the game choses the best price I can get without jumping right? So if I sell this way, there will always be a sale because it choice a price that someone is willing to pay, so I never have to click down on the price. And if I click up, a sale will be impossible because it already selected the best one. Am I right?

for immediate selling, yes… or you can set a date to put it on the market at a price you want, and see if it sells that way.

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Not exactly right, I was sometimes surprised that I sold goods in deepest night to an odd price.
Found out I just created cheap sell orders which were completed later because I didn’t check market properly.

Wait so are you saying you did the right click, then increased the price, and the immediate sell order was completed?

No, I didn’t change the price (afaik), but it wasn’t sold immediately but some hours later.
I presume I’ve accidently changed the price by arrow keys or scroll wheel at a few cent, and thus created a non matching order.

If there is a buy order up for 1 unit and you try to sell 100 units, you sell 1 unit and have to wait for others to buy the other 99.

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