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I have items in my hanger I want to sell. I right click on them and select Sell on the popup window. The sale window comes up, but when I try to set a sale price, the item displays a red hash field and won’t accept the price I try to set.

Are you sure you set your price in the right box?
I sometimes make the mistake to put my price in the box for the ammount of items I want to sell, and that does of course not work.

Also items need to be in your item hanger, not in any of the ships hold. That’s a mistake that’s made often too.

If that didn’t help, make a screenshot and post it here. We might be albe to figure out what’s the problem that way.

Because there are “immediate” prices set, you wont sell something immediately, you need to set a time frame for the order to be on market. Or you can sell it for the price that it defaults to automatically, if the station will accept it.

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In addition to this, if you have used those items, make sure you repair and/or repackage them before trying to sell them. That catches a lot of people as well.

It is in my hangar, so that isn’t it.

Also, before I try to sell, I check market prices. When I first try to sell, the default price is ok, but is usually not in line with local market prices. When I try to undercut prices within a few jumps, that’s when the sale is disallowed.

Could you post a screenshot of it?

So there are quite a few things you need to consider.

First, which price are you looking at?

If you are looking at the selling order, and are trying to set the price to match a selling order. then you cannot sell at that price while having the timeframe set at “immediate”. You must change the dropdown menu to 1 month or 3 months or whatever time you wish to wait.

If you are looking at the buyers orders, then you can sell immediately.

Second, are you in the station or system where the buy orders are set up in?

Thirdly, do you have any other orders active? There is a max amount of market orders you can have at one time.


Here is a screen shot. I’m trying to sell some Miner I modules. The default price is about 4000, which is accepted, but that is too low for the market.

So I try to set the price to undercut the price offered in the local station, but that price is disallowed.

Change the time frame from immediate to 3 months. I doesn’t work because there are no offers at your price in the station at the moment when you set the order.


Is that a new default setting? I’ve never seen this behavior before, and I’ve made plenty of sales previously.

I always saw it on immediate as the default setting.

Once I set the period to 3 months, will it keep that setting, or do I have to set it every time I try to sell something?

It keep it for the sale orders but you have to check “remember settings” for buy orders.

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That’s what probably happened. I installed EvE on a laptop to use while traveling, and forgot about setting this. It’s set on my desktop, but not here.

Thanks for the help.

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It was at 4,000 because thats what people are wanting to pay, not the 16. so set it for 3 months or whatever and you can set the price to whatever you want.

It is helpful to check EVERY TIME if it is set to “immediate”, because it will save you ISK in each transaction. If you keep it set to 3 months or anything else than “immediate”, you have to pay an additional broker’s fee, even if you serve buy orders. This can be quite expensive if you sell valuables.


Interesting. I have not realized that, but also rarely sell to buy orders.

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