Trying To Sell Salvage/Marketplace Confusion

Hi! So I just started playing a few days ago. I’ve been really liking it and I think I have the very basics down so far. I understand that EVE can be a pretty complex game, but earlier today I got very confused about selling something on the market.

So after destroying some pirate ships, I salvaged the wreaks and got some extra things from them. I got back to the station and I went to see if I could sell any of the stuff I got. And according to the market there were buyers for the various salvage items that I got, however there was no option to actually sell these items, even though I was in the same station that it said the buyers were in?

In this picture, is says there are buyers for the “Tangled Power Conduit” that I salvaged in the same station, but I couldn’t find any way to actually sell it.

I imagine this is something I’m just not understanding about the game, so I was hope someone could inform me about what I’m missing.

Thank you! :slight_smile:

I believe you simply have to move the items out of your ship first and into your item hangar, and then they are able to be sold.

In the menu when creating a sale, be sure „Immediate“ time is chosen to match that station‘s Buy order. If you choose any other time duration (up to 90 days) then you’ll list a Sell order first.


oooh you’re right.
I was able to sell when I moved everything to the item hanger. I feel so dumb :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you so much for letting me know <3

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No problem, glad everything worked out!

The game is old and has 20+ years of quirks that have accumulated. Not worth beating yourself up over.


Don’t feel dumb.

This game is riddled with minutiae like that.

Everything from setting up your overview, to changing a setting for your corp to running a blueprint.

It is not, user-friendly.

I’ve been playing for 4 years now and there are still things I have to consult the great google oracle for or the group of people the I role-play with.

So give yourself some credit, and have fun with it!

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:rofl: You will ‘have the very basics’ in like two or three years. :sunglasses:

Some basic tips:

  • In the Market window, always sort the Sell-Offers (upper half) by Price, ascending order. Which means the cheapest sell-offers will be on top. If you want to quick-buy something, that will be your pick so you get the item cheapest. Just check that you pick the highest-up (cheapest) item on the station you are in if you don’t want to travel to pick it up.

  • in the same window, lower half, sort the buy-offers by Price, descending order. So the most attractive buy order is on top. So you can see how much you would get if you want to sell things ‘instantly’. Also check twice if the order you want to sell is on the same station as the item.

  • in general it is not recommended to sell loot or salvage materials in some random system. You will most likely either get only a very bad price for your goods or you will wait forever for them to be sold if you place an own sell-order. Safe your looted/salvaged stuff up until you have an amount that is worth to be transported and sold somewhere you get a good price for it. Usually one of the major trade stations (Jita >>>> Amarr, Dodixie, Hek, Rens…). If you are afraid of being attacked and killed, can either move your stuff with a courier contract (let other professional players do it for a small fee) or you ask friends in the game for help. Best tip ever: Don’t play the game alone, go look for a player corp! It increases all of your progress and profits tenfold!

You can use this website: EVE Tycoon to compare prices all around the universe. It might help you to decide where you actually want to sell your stuff.


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