Sellling for newbs,

If You want to sell something simple, go to a station that has a buy order for the item,
like Tritanium, then unload in the ITEM HANGER, right-click and select sell.

And yes, it took me like 30 minutes to figure ou why I just couldn’t right-click
in my ship inventory and then select “SELL”.

Even if you are docked in the station, with the buy order on the market from anyone,
in that station, simply right clicking doesn’t work.
The goods have to be unloaded in the station’s ITEM HANGAR first,
after which you can sell it, by right clicking on it again.
(Super annoying btw, if all you want to do is dump it for some cash)

I hope this sticky may improve every new miner’s day a bit, and save them
the search etc. time.


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