Negative wallet for slavery. Can't sell anything

So, I bought some slaves and tryed to fly through Caldari sector, customs busted me, charged a fine, I end up with -4kk ISK. I can’t sell anything, can’t sell ore, and the only way out for me is to run low level missions like 100 times. I am a bit new, I don’t play much, but don’t you think this is stupid? WHY CAN’T I SELL ANYTHING? Ok, I got -4kk, that’s an hour of mining, but… I CAN’T SELL ORE! Nice gamedesign feature. High five.

You transported an item through an area of space where they are illegal. They are clearly marked as illegal in Caldari space in the Legality tab in the Show Info window. You got punishment accordingly. This is not stupid, this is logical because you did not pay attention and committed a crime. Now you have to work a bit and suffer so that that lesson sinks in and you don’t forget about your blunder.

There is no reason why you cannot mine and sell ore to recover that negative wallet. One easy way: Setup an alt on your current account or setup a new account. Mine your ore, drop it in a container and have your alt either grab it right away or drop it in a container on a safe spot bookmark or celestial and relog to the alt character on the same account, warp to the drop off location, scoop it and then sell it with the alt on the market. Afterwards you can just give money from that alt to your busted character. Done.

You can also fly around something like Uedama or Niaja area and look for gankers, loot their gank ship wrecks, transfer them to your alt via container, sell them with your alt and transfer money.

Can’t you just drop stuff to buy orders (sell immediate)? I thought tax is deducted after sales… everything involving broker fees won’t work for sure.

EDIT: maybe you need to make sure the revenue + tax of one sale is greater than 4M … so you are not ending again in the negative.

I try immidiate sales, they don’t work! The error message says “fee is 0,00, you only have -4kk”.

Nice advice. We definitely should make this kind of panishment in every game in the world, so you… you know… so that you’ll have to create another character or even account to help your other character. Ideal.

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Technically you don’t need an alt, you could also ask other people to sell things for you and transfer the money back to you after the sale. But alts are less hassle, quicker and more secure.

And to be quite frank, I do not see any problem with this punishment. You committed a crime, remember. Ignorance is no excuse in law.

This is a multiplayer game after all. Sometimes it is enough just to ask for help

You might not want to ask players who have been around for a longer time what they think about people who whine around like this. Have a look at a nice music video by CCPS own devs

Basically you are complaining because you either did not read the warning about illegal goods or thought you could get through with it and just did not…

-4,000,000 ISK right? I’ll buy some ore off you if you can get it to Jita. Send me a mail in game.

M8 ill give you 50mill free of charge and no need to pay me back, once i get home from work ofc.

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