What am I supposed to do if I have a negative isk wallet?

I’ve been playing the game for about 2 weeks now. After doing all the career agent missions and going through the SoE epic arc, I decided I really enjoyed mining, industry, and hauling. Today I decided to look into some trade goods to buy from one market and haul it to another for a bit of profit. I spent all of my 30 million isk (I know, I’m super rich) on the stuff and was on my way to sell it. Everything seemed great until I got a message saying I was hauling illegal contraband (I had no idea that was even a thing). So the cops say that they’re going to take my haul and I said, okay fair enough. Click yes, they also fine me 13 million isk. I didn’t realize that they hadn’t taken my haul yet and I jumped and got another 13 million isk fine, then they took my stuff.

So now I’m sitting at -26 million isk in my wallet. I thought, damn that sucks I guess I’ll be more careful now. And was going to go do whatever combat agent missions I could to try to break even and get back to the game. Then I started running low on ammo and my ship got a little banged up. No problem, I’ll just go buy… well can’t do that. I have a venture! I’ll go do some mining agent missions. The ones available to me net me about 100k isk per. Which would be 260 missions just to break even. And that’s also assuming I don’t get blown up in that time.

Long story short I guess: I’m at -26 million isk and I can’t think of any viable way to get back in the green in a somewhat reasonable amount of time. Is there something I’m missing? Or am I just going to have to cut my losses, make a new character and start from scratch? I get that it’s my fault, lesson learned.

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Easiest way: Ask in local chat and newbro chat.
To get more ships and about 10m ISK: Do another set of career agents.
Perhaps you should try an Amarr system, their crystals last longer than normal ammo.

I wouldn’t ask in the newbie chat, begging isn’t accepted there. You can ask anywhere else.

About making the ISK back: you don’t have to run mining missions in your Venture, you could also go out and mine ore to sell on the market, which can pay better I think, but depends on the ore.

Also you could take a look at Project Discovery. With that you can make ISK even if you do not have anything at all. You could do that while docked, but also while mining.


I’ll check out the Project Discovery thing. Unfortunately, I can’t sell anything on the market because it costs isk to do so.

I was gonna suggest just buying plex and selling it, but you need isk to sell it.

You can roll another character and do the career agents and transfer the isk to your other char.

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Yeah that’s starting to look like my best option, thanks.

You can rat on a belt, do more career missions for free ships and ammo. Scam people in Jita.

If you have no ammo ratting will soon give you T1 ammo. Drones of course don’t need ammo. T1 Amar ammo doesn’t run out so you could go do the amar career agents then your guns wouldn’t run out.

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There’s 12 sets of career agents, so you can do one of the eleven you didn’t finish yet.
The second char is handy for selling stuff, though.


Everyone can do the career agent missions for every starter school (that is 3 schools per empire) thus in total twelve times. So only to run those he doesn’t need to roll a new one unless he wants to do that anyway.

Edit: Oh nevermind didn’t scroll down before posting.

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Oh cool! Thanks for the replies

Personally I would stay with this character and recover from your dabble with dealing in illegal goods. It’s an expensive lesson for a new player but Eve is about actions and consequences as you build your life in New Eden.

So, options:
Do the exploration career agent and you should get a basic exploration ship - fond somewhere quiet and go wormhole diving. A good hail is “a few million”. You be limited to selling to buy orders only - no broker charges, so that’ll reduce your income, but call that the cost of clearing your slate.
Mine and sell the results. 30m ISK os a lot of mining though, cerlestes.de - Ore Table for EVE Online Veldspar is your ore of preference there.
If you’ve a ship then mission running and ratting is an option, bit you’ll be wanting ammunition, unless you are Amarrian - T1 crystals done wear out. I can’t think of how you’ll get ammunition if you can’t make it (install costs) or the market.

Let us know what you choose to do - and next time, trade honest goods.


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