How do I recover from negative 33 million ISK as a newbie alpha clone?

(Nikoljo Aivoras) #1

Tried smuggling contraband, got heavily fined.

Any tips? Doing contracts is terribly slow so far.

(QuakeGod) #2

You could always sell yourself into slavery. I promise I’ll be gentle…

Or you could mine in a Venture for a couple of days. Either way…

(Nikoljo Aivoras) #3

How could one potentially go about recovering from losses in an hour?

(mkint) #4

as a rookie alpha? Roll a new toon. An experienced player can make that much in an hour but it’s unlikely for a rookie. Those are basically your options: the slow way, or start over. Up to you if the fast way is worth the loss of the SP.

(Fluffy Moe) #5

Easy. Just do missions. Repeat tutorial missions but do them for another faction or even same faction just different region to get some free newb stuff. then go to lvl 2 security with occasional distribution missions in the mix.

Should get you some positive faction standings in the process and 50 mil is nothing. you’ll have it back in no time even as a complete newb.

(Nikoljo Aivoras) #6

What differences would there be in potential to make money between an experienced player and a rookie in terms of making cash?

Liquid assets?

(Wombat65Au Egdald) #7

That depends on HOW the ISK is earned. An experienced player with higher faction standings could do high level missions that pay out more ISK and LP per mission. A newer player is less likely to have the faction standings needed to get those missions, or the right ship, or the right skills needed for those missions.

Security (combat) missions pay the most rewards, but have the highest risk of getting your own ship destroyed. Distribution and mining missions have a much lower risk of being blown up, and pay less in rewards as a result.

I seriously doubt that a new player with a low skilled toon is going to earn back 30+ million isk in an hour from playing the content.

Every main empire (Amarr, Caldari, Gallente and Minmatar) has three newbie starter systems. Each starter system has a set of career agents, therefore there are a total of 12 sets career agents. You CAN run the career agent missions in every starter system if you want. It will get boring because it’s the same set of missions in each newbie system, but they’re easy to do and low risk once you know what to do.

A quick look at this page mentions that you can expect to earn approx 5 to 6 million isk in rewards for completing the full set of career missions in one newbie system, plus some more isk by selling off any free ships and equipment you are given during these missions, so expect to run 5 complete sets of career agent missions to earn approx. 30 million isk. Can all of that be done in an hour? No.

(Fluffy Moe) #8

Completion of the starter / tutorial missions is actually surprisingly rewarding. you end up with free frigates and / or starter indy ships and some junk to sell.

Take it all to your nearest big market hub and sell it. You can net around 20 mil per mission set, and as I stated, it will help you build up your faction standings quite a bit. I used to grind these for faction on new toons, so I know 1st hand that once you get the hang of them, since they are all the same, you can easily complete 1 full set on a brand new character in about 1 1/2 hours.

So just start up your agency, select career agent, and go to work. I recommend military and explo for fastest / easiest, rest may take a bit of time, the business one requires some investment to complete super fast and you do not have the investment. rest are super cheap.

(Kizador Aumer) #9

There was a UTube video day or so ago showing a UK guy in NulSec using drones to kill Prates Battleships, Battlecruisers, and everything else making what appeared to be tens of millions in bounty payments. Whole video was maybe 12 minutes long. I checked out after about six minutes. Most of the big money stories are for Omies if you check out the equipment being showcased it not even available to an Alf player. Smart play is to Run all the Agent missions and if you can run them as different races so much the better. Driving a Venture works ok if you find a good system where the amounts paid for ore are reasonable.

(Strepan Dorsett) #10

If you are a new player and broke, you can try 3 things in a very very basic frigate :

  • Exploration in wormholes : yep you probably get ganked and die but if you use a 1m exploration frigate and get 10m each site, even if you die a lot, a few sites will pay your debt. Just don’t get greedy and think to come back to real space to unload your bounty often.

  • Security missions : some missions just require you to go in a site and reckon it. Those missions can be of any level and since no combat is involved, you can do them in a basic ship. Check to see them.

  • Faction Warfare : enlist in one of the militia ( please don’t join Caldari or Amarr) and run defensive plexes. You basically sit in a spot for 10 minutes and when the timer expires, you get lp points you can use to get items and then sell them on the normal market to other players. If you never left high-sec maybe it will even give a feel of low-sec and a will to join us for pvp later !

Good fly !

(Alincer Trossereides) #11

(Uriel the Flame) #12

Go to Jita, beg a few hours in local telling your story, if you are lucky you get a few billions out of it. :wink:

(QuakeGod) #13

You will also be permanently ignored by about 3,000 players…

(Dravick Afterthought) #14

I’m confused - Who can impose/enforce ‘fines’ in Eve ?

(DeMichael Crimson) #15

That would be CCP via Custom’s Officers at Jumpgates.

(Caterpil) #16

Empire factions consider certain items as contraband, such as Slaves in Minmatar empire space. Certain mission drops (usually NPC drugs which have no practical application) are also on the list.

Whenever you pass a gate with NPC customs officers on, they have a chance to scan your ship and detect the contraband. If you get caught they will impose a fine, and you take a standings hit with the faction. Boosters used to be included in contraband, but they were made legal a couple of years ago. Now there is pretty much no reason to interact with this system outside of minor profits from inter-regional trading.

(Nunosh) #17

The slavery option is a very good one lool

(Jenne Wain) #18

Just one thing to add- try Project Discovery. If you like it and are decent at it, you can make that in a couple of hours.

Not suggesting to not do the other things as well, but PD can be a good way to get some seed money relatively quickly if you are a new player.

(Dravick Afterthought) #19

Thanks. I wondered what Customs Offices were for, I thought they were just set-dressing.

(Jenne Wain) #20

They are also part of the Planetary Interaction mechanic. Each planet has a customs office for moving material to and from the planet.

These are a bit different from what DMC is talking about, but those are also customs offices, just for different purposes.