So You're Broke

It rarely happens that a player reaches a point where they run out of ISK, but it does happen. Thankfully, it’s impossible to stay broke in New Eden for very long.

Players can beg for ISK, and they do, but as in the real world, it’s frowned upon by most. There a number of other ways in which players can acquire significant ISK in a short amount of time.

Project Discovery is a simple minigame one can play in any station, and be paid for their efforts.

Corvettes are fitted with a civilian mining module that can be used to acquire a small amount of ore that can be sold.

Similarly, Corvettes are marginally useful for ratting in the higher security systems of highsec.

Corvettes can also be repackaged and sold on the market, if you’ve got some ISK to cover the costs of selling.

Alternatively, you might roll another character, proceed through the entry-level missions, and transfer that ISK to your primary character. That by itself can be worth several million, not including the ships you’ll get that can be sold.

How would you get ISK if you were broke and couldn’t beg other players?


The best method

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


im totally broke ATM
last 500 mil i had i bought a abyss cruiser(to make money) and died on the first site
i really dont know what to do :rofl:


That is one method, though I was thinking of ways that don’t require an additional real-world expense. That wasn’t clear in my initial post.

Buying PLEX with real money can be useful. I did it as a younger newbro, but I don’t do it now that I’ve found ways in-game that can make ISK.

I empathize. I spent quite a bit on a Covetor and lost it within 48 hours. It’s a punch in the gut, but I still have a mining frigate. It’s slow and less efficient than my Covetor, but it’s what I’ve got to use to get back to where I was.

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it happened several times with me
i used to ask a rich friend for 5 bil loan , make 1 bil jita trading , pay back and keep playing
is really easy to back to your feet with a bill or more but wen the thing reaches 0 … dude you’re screwed , you cant even pay broker fees , repairs , buy stuff that cost lp+ isk

rich friends quitted :frowning:

to be positive im finally playing neverwinter nights :smiley:

If you get to 0, you’re certainly in a hard position, but it’s not hopeless. You’re not going to make a billion back efficiently playing Project Discovery, but there are ways to recoup one’s losses eventually.

If you lose big, it tends to take a big effort to get back on your feet.

it was totally my fault
play eve for a long time , don’t have any will to grind for isk anymore
usually i can pay the plex and the ships with FW and be perma poor at the end, i play eve for the fun yada yada…
but last year i didn’t do even that right …
bought more ships than i could afford , had stupid losses , broke
i have a skiff somewhere but i don’t even know were to mine anymore … belts don’t have ore lol

Back in the old days, players would often find their wallet way into the negative numbers. As well, it was back before CCP were in the business of selling ISK. And no giveaways like PD or the many ISK fountains we have now.

It was a heck of a slog trying to get back up to zero.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:



i wish i was a princess like aiko :princess:

we are old monkeys … we can do it
the sad part is to have to play the boring isk rat race

Oh, I’d join a corporation and steal their sh!t. Wouldn’t be the first time.


You should be honored that you were ganked.

(sarcasm - That’s what the PVP players say)

If I had absolutely no money, I’d run a set of career agent missions (preferably Gallente because, iirc, they give you a Tristan). Then I’d buy a Tristan, and go run Serpentis hideaways for their escalation -the Serpentis narcotics warehouse (or the other DED 3/10’s). Of course, the average loot drop is significantly more modest, but, iirc, the most I pulled out of one of those was 400mil. An alpha in a kiting tristan runs them rather slowly, but he can run them.

And do note that there are multiples structures/ships that have a chance to drop faction goodies. Usually, only the warehouse at the end drops good stuff, but I’ve had the other things occasionally drop loot for me as well. So, I like to bookmark the start, and then go back through so that I can hit every room (the site has 2 branching paths that you can take). And do note that the link above has links to all the sites that will tell you what rats/structures have a chance of dropping goodies.

Anyway, DED 3/10’s also spawn as combat sigs, which you can scan down. But, you might have problems scanning them down if you have crappy scanning skills or are an alpha, and you will have more problems with site competitors. Like I said, the kiting Tristan runs it pretty slow. So, even though running a bunch of hideaways just to get the escalation isn’t the quickest way to get a crack at a DED 3/10, it is significantly more likely to result in you being able to finish the site without a competitor showing up. Of course, given Eve’s current player population, this might not be as big of a deal as it usually is.

Regardless, this method can quickly earn you enough money to move on to other things, such as the abyss, incursions, or a faster ship for running combat exploration sites.

I don’t remember the exact fit I used to use, but this is a good starting point, and is alpha freindly. I know for a fact that you don’t need a MWD for the Serpentis variants of sites, but the other variants might have ships that move faster. In fact, I would probably avoid Angel Repurposed Outposts (Minmatar space). They definitely have faster moving frigates and Target Painters, so you might have trouble with those. Regardless, swap out the drones for the type that deals the best damage against what you are fighting. Some people might also prefer fitting for an increased drone control and targeting range. But I decided to design the fit for speed. ~40k damage projection is sufficient, the 3 second align time (requires Evasive Maneuvering and Spaceship Command IV) will help you find sites faster and make you harder to blap if you’re rolling heavy with loot, and the increased movement speed will help you burn through the DED sites a little bit faster. Moreover, as mentioned previously, you need to be able to outrun the fastest frigates that those sites will through at you. It shouldn’t be a problem for older characters, but newbros might be lacking in skills that increase their speed (i.e. Navigation and Acceleration Control). The autotargeting system will move you up on the agro table, which can help keep agro on you, and off your drones. But, depending on skills, you might not have the cap to run it. Regardless, it will increase you number of locked targets by one even when it is turned off, it’s dirt cheap, has virtually no fitting cost, and you have the high slots to spare. So, might as well fit it. To use the ship, orbit a structure/object at ~35k with prop mod on, and start by killing ships with EWAR and any frigs that might get close enough to start applying damage to you. You do not have to worry about webs or warp disruption in any of the sites. So your biggest threat is probably bouncing into a structure (which can help things catch up to you and apply damage to you). So pay attention to your ships orbit, and change what you’re orbiting if necessary. You might also want to set up a GTFO/Pod saver tab, so that you can quickly warp out if things start getting hairy.

DED 3/10 Tristan - 6mil isk

[Tristan, Tristan]

Damage Control II
Drone Damage Amplifier II
Drone Damage Amplifier II

1MN Monopropellant Enduring Afterburner
Small Azeotropic Restrained Shield Extender
Compact Multispectrum Shield Hardener

Auto Targeting System I
[Empty High slot]
[Empty High slot]

Small EM Shield Reinforcer I
Small Polycarbon Engine Housing I
Small Low Friction Nozzle Joints I

Hornet II x5

And to any newbros that might see this. Ignore any suggestions to buy plex. You’d be denying yourself knowledge and experience, and will likely spend the isk poorly and/or turn yourself into a loot pinata. You cannot microtransaction your way to success in Eve.
No P2W

P.S. You can actually run all 12 sets of career agent missions (3 sets per empire) on the same character once. So there is no need to roll a new character to run it again. CCP has been talking about condensing them down to one set in one systems, but haven’t done so yet. I wonder if they’re worried that player populations in other areas might suffer if the newbros all start off in one spot. Regardless, career agent missions also have the added benefit of helping you gain standings rather quickly. If you know what you’re doing, and come prepared, you can blitz through an entire set in about 2 hours.

Also, don’t fly what you can’t afford to lose.


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Data and Relic sites.
Mission Agents. L1, L2 etc
Cosmos Missions.


give me what isk you got, and i’ll double it.


oh ty :smiley:

There are plenty of those scams in-game, certainly. If it sounds too good to be true…

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No ISK, sell some of your assets…

No assets, run Project Discovery…

Isk can be easily made nowadays.

Worst case scenario, you have to use a Corvette and start ratting high sec belt rats to get module loot drops to sell for ISK.

Then upgrade to a T1 Frigate fit with modules dropped from the belt rats and start running Low level Anomaly / Landmark sites in High Sec space to collect and sell even more modules.

Eventually can reship into a T1 Cruiser and by selling the module loot drops, can buy probe launcher and start running Cosmic Signature Combat sites.

After collecting a bunch of Faction / Deadspace loot, go sell them in Jita.

Yeah, lot’s of ways to easily make ISK in Eve.