What did I do wrong in setting up this sell order?

Hey guys, I’m having an issue. I did some low-key mining stuff, ended up selling 2.8m worth of product, and then paid out 90% of the sale as taxes and broker fees.

I’m caldari, in caldari space, with a positive non-zero standing with both the Wiyrkomi corp (whose station I set the sell order at) and Caldari State. My character is an Alpha with just about 99% of the available skills researched, so I’m not sure if my character skills are at issue.

I put up a sell order for two items:
Viscous Pyrox (50isk ; qty#39,497 ; 1974850 isk total) and Solid Pyrox (48isk ; qty#16,464 ; 790272 isk total). In my Wallet Journal, I see the following:

Items put up for sale (21:15:55)
A. Brokers Fee: -433,991 isk
B. Brokers Fee: -1,919,909 isk

Items bought by someone (21:16:24)
A. Broker’s Fee -22,034 isk
A. Tax -15,805 isk
A. Transaction +790,272 isk
B. Broker’s Fee -55,064 isk
B. Tax -39,497 isk
B. Transaction +1,974,850 isk

What in your god’s name did I do so wrong as to lose 2.4m out of 2.8m?

Nevermind, I figured out what the problem was. The broker fee was from other items I put up for sale.

You didn’t give your self enough profit to cover the overhead, the broker fees and taxes and such. All you did was break slightly better than even.

There are skills to train that reduce taxes by 10%. And I think there is one for the broker fees

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