Marketplace Newb Question

I got a good (for a new character I assume) drop from a Guristas crate that I want to sell. However, when it comes to putting it in the marketplace it automatically gives me a price nearly 50% below market value.

If I try to up the price, even by 1isk, it red hatches out my sales order and won’t let me proceed.

How do I get a better price for my loot?

Thanks in advance!

Change the duration of the order from “Immediate” to a set time limit. When it is set to immediate, it will automatically try to sell it to the highest buy order in range from your location. Increasing the price puts it out of range of all buy orders, so it can’t sell immediately any more.

Placing a duration on the order, creates a sell order instead, from your location. You can then define whatever price you want.


I knew there’d be a way around it, there’s just so much to learn and what seems like so little time to do it in!

Thank you

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