Is there a way to multi-sell with a different base price other than the immediate higher asking price?

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I have a question, hoping to get some answers.
When you sell something in multiples, you can set immediate or up to 3 months.
For immediate there is no problem as it takes the highest paying buying order.

But what about if I would like to sell my items for a period of 3 months, at the cheapest price than any other orders?

I’m doing this manually as of today, by checking the cheapest price and setting the price manually below that.

Thanks for your help

I believe there is. When you populate the list, and subsequently change the setting from “immediate” to for example “3 Months” the price boxes for each item in the list should be editable.

each item becomes editable but I would like the selling price to be the best cheapest option for a 3 month sell, so I don’t have to manually go into each item, check the cheapest price and put something cheaper. Is there a faster alternative?


Think about it, if everyone wanted to sell at the lowest price and the game automatically did it for you, everyone would sell at zero as the game bid everyone down to zero.

No, you have to manually check the market and reset your price. By the way, when you do this, you are charged a relisting fee. Those fees will destroy any profit you may make when done unwisely.

Welcome to Market PvP. Some people only do this and never undock.

(Some people build custom ESI tools to help monitor their orders for them, good luck competing)

(Also some people run bots that scrape the UI. Not EULA abiding, and was funny to see them break during Photon rollout)

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wow I see,
Can you elaborate on the photon rollout? what was that?
So were people using bots for trading got banned?

Photon is the current UI

CCP does their best but they always spring back up.

It’s something we all have to make peace with.

No, and no market or trader would want that because all sells would be that way. with everything.

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