Market screen is ***. ccp added shity +0.10 trick

I am trying to sell stuff,
with immediate sale.
i see buy orders in current station. i select item, do “sell”
CCP adds +0.10 to price and my item is not sold “immediately”.
as result “sell order” is created.

for now i need to WAIT 5 min to change order
remove that shity .10
and pay fees

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Works for me.

From your own screenshot:
It says “Expires in: 89 days, 23 hours, 55 minutes, 38 seconds”

So clearly you weren’t selling them for Immediate like you claim.


Avoid this with one simple trick:


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As Scoots said, make sure that “immediate” is selected from the dropdown box when selling to a standing buy order. Some market orders were created under the old market system before the rounding to 4 sig figs thing took effect. So, their prices might be a price that you can no longer actually sell or buy at.

Moreover, this will prevent you from having to pay the broker’s fee for setting up a standing sell order.

And, in case you were wondering, you are effectively creating standing sell orders if you have a time selected from the dropdown box. It just looks like you are selling directly to a standing buy order because as soon as you’d create the order, the game would see a standing buy order of a sufficiently high price, and then automatically sell to that.

Hope that clarifies things.


I had the same problem, and in theory I understand the rationale. But it’s not how the order system used to work, and I have no idea why they made this change without drawing any attention to it, unless they actually wanted a one-time way to get relisting fees from the unwary.

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Get in the habit of tabbing to another field or clicking on an empty field to let the field youve entered rationalise. Even if it doesnt, do it anyway to get the habit of double checking the input.

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i selected 4 items to sell “immediate” and received kinda small amount on wallet

i expected much more money and started to check what is going on

i found
one item was sold well
3 other got +.10 price, as result not sold

Eve online … I guess we should all just start playing the mobile game right? LOL

If you did, then your following statement…

…should be impossible unless the buy order you were trying to sell to was already filled between the time you went to sell and when you clicked the button.

Immediate sell orders also cannot end up as a 90 day sell order. You weren’t selling immediately, you were listing 3 month long sell orders.

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Maybe you forgot to sell those three last items as immediate.

Yeah,the fees are a strong point - It prevents order spam. I like it.

These two literally cannot happen at the same time.
File a bug report and provide screenshots to CCP.

yea… constantely record your screen, just in case you want to “provide free QA service to company with 17years of gamedev history”

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Ok, let me put it another way.
Whining about it on the forums isn’t going to help you, at all. In fact, the more you whine, the more likely ISD will just close the thread.

File a bug report.

Ok, so all you want to do is whine and cry. Hope that works out for you, buddy.

i want to spread information to Other People who can read (and use it)

you know, i PAID for SERVICE
and you suggest me to do JOB

Hello! If you’ve fund a bug, I highly recommend that you file a bug report. This way, the people who look at the issue can fix it. It is the fastest way, believe you me.

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Please don’t, dealing with Corona is bad enough. Your information is crap. Learn to EvE and ■■■■ off.

Now I’m wondering what happens if I try to do that …
… with a negative amount of orders left.

That can happen when you drop back to Alpha state.

Many, many people behave as if EVE was indeed a second job …
… and a seriously underpaid one, too.

You could go mow a lawn and pay for [equivalent of 500 PLEX in ISK], making more ISK in less time than it would take you whatever else you could be doing in the game. I understand that you could also calling it “playing the game”, so part of your income would be “enjoyment of playing the game” but in the end you’re still doing it for the money.

When I ran out of ISK I simply dropped 20 bucks into the game. Of course I’m also open for ISK making opportunities, but those are opportunities. I’m not going to log in every day to make ISK, because then it’s a job. Even though you might not perceive your market activities as a job, as soon as you’re doing it regularly, with the goal of making money, it is equivalent to a job!