Issue with market

i try to sale items in the market but the game is just placing as a sale order and not just selling as a placed buy. it is charging me for the orders and taxing me extra for this. i click the item-> sale ->immediate and click sale button and it just set it up as asale request order with 3 months. a bit odd for this bug but figure to let know

Do you have screenshots? This sounds incredibly suspect.

If it actually happened the way you claim, no one on the forums can help you and you will have to submit a support ticket to CCP for any actual resolution.

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Your English is making it difficult to understand what your problems is.

Are you placing a sell order or a buy order? When that is clear, someone may be able to help you better.

But making sure you click the correct buttons and enter all field’s information correctly is very important. Sometimes it seems the thing is broken but actually you just got one important piece of information wrong or begin by selecting the wrong thing or pushing the wrong button.

I just wish it would allow an order to be cancelled smoothly and quickly so you can avoid getting charged for hard to see mistakes, and there are many.

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