i used last isk to win a charon on hypernet , wallets at 34m and i cant sell it…

So use private contract. But why is the Broker Fee so high?

no idea i got over 2.4m SP in trading it shouldnt be!!!

Change “3 days” -> “Immediate” to avoid broker’s fee


Welcome to the new world order and the new market changes.

This is one a lot of people miss.
If you’re trying to sell directly to a buy order, make sure you turn the duration off.


It cost me 25 million to modify 3 market orders.
RIP 0.1 Market Traders

Always keep a some of isk in your wallet.

Thanks for the “Immediate” tip… Holy crap… I’ve lost billions not realizing that… Oh well, better late than never…

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selling Immediate can be just as bad, because you will sell to who ever has the highest buy order which could be someone buying charons for 1 isk

Just insure it and undock.

What conversely is just the laziness of CCP is to calculate it properly.
if a buy order is there directly at the price why is it subtracted?

Because that’s what you’re telling your broker to do.

Is it his mistake that you’re lazy?

“I spent all of my money and now I don’t have enough money to spend on something that costs money, WTF CCP?”

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Yeah, you can beat any argument with this Lazy. In fact I pay a fee so that my order is valid for several days. If it is automatically fulfilled when I send it, it is simply an incorrect calculation.

But it does not matter, I can live with it, you just have to think about it, you are right.


Its also the guys fault for planting a tree that I crashed my car into. Lawsuit pending.

No. You instructed the broker to sell for a couple of days, so he took his fee, which is his right.

Yes, yes we are right. And you have to live with being wrong.

There is no broker really. It is only another tax disguised as something else. Correct your initial price for that tax everyone. Idea is to make buyer pay for increased taxation.

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