Mass Selling - Off by 10~ ISK from Buyer's Orders

I have noticed for quite a while that when I do a mass selling of random items for immediate sell they are off by nearly 10~ ISK from the current Buy Orders. For example, item A has a buy order of 500 ISK and when I do a mass sell that includes item A in the same station it would put up a sell order for 510 ISK vice fulling the 500 ISK Buy Order. It is quite annoying to go back in after 5 minutes to adjust the sell order by 10 ISK for it to be fulfilled…

Well, I can’t speak to the problem, but you should probably set your orders to “immediate” if you’re just going to sell to standing buy orders. It would avoid the problem and prevent you from paying unnecessary brokers fees.

Oh, and you should probably file a bug report.

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Clearly you’re not selling things for Immediate sell if they’re listed and you’re able to go back and change the order 5 minutes later…

Would love to see a video of this showing proof that your Immediate sell orders are somehow changing themselves.

Thank you, I goofed up and was selling it at 3 months vice immediate.

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