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Recently came back to Eve. Started up my buy and sell orders and noticed the search list now opens and stays open on every single thing I view market details on.

Please tell me there is a way to shut off this annoying feature? I can see how this may be handy for newer players. But now when I actually want to search I have to close everything first.

Yeah, it’s annoying. The workaround I’ve been using is to switch to the quickbar while adjusting market orders and keeping my quickbar folders minimized.

Was it just added in the recent update? It’s been a few months since I been on

Yeah, it started with the last update.

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I absolutely share that opinion. Post that opinion here as well:

I have no idea what are you talking about - if it is a feature why is not happening to me too?!


I dont see any changes, for me its working like it used to be.

Hmmm. So when you select view market details from something in your cargo it opens the regional market, but it’s not also opening to that item in your search window for the regional market?

If you have your browse tab open on the regional market screen and double-click one of your buy or sell orders to view market details it simultaneously opens the tree up to that item in the browse bar. It’s very visually distracting, especially when you’re trying to quickly adjust a hundred orders by 0.01 isk. Like Pokemon eye-gleam seizure distracting.

Lol, ya it’s very annoying. I got around 50 market orders atm, that’s a lot of categories to close. Thanks for the quick bar tip, that helps.

I did post in the EVE Online: Invasion - General Feedback

Hopefully we can get a quick fix.


Because i can read! :stuck_out_tongue:

Whats happening if you change tab? do you still have the same issue?

With the quickbar tab open and all user-created folders minimized, it doesn’t happen. It’s only with the browse tab active.

Not only is it jarring when you’re trying to make quick adjustments to lots of orders, but it also keeps those branches open in the market tree and doesn’t close them down when you move onto the next order. So if I adjusted 100 orders and they were all different types of items, I then would have to go back through and minimize the trees back down to unclutter the interface.

That said, the workaround is working well enough for me. I typically don’t need to look up potential new items to place buy orders for while I’m adjusting current orders.

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A very annoying and terrible feature indeed! Hopefully, this was a mistake and was not an intended part of the expansion. Please fix quickly CCP!

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