Market browser freezes game

Hi, I have been having an issue lately with the market browser in game. Any time I open it, my entire game window freezes for 10+ seconds. Everything becomes unresponsive until it finishes loading whatever it is doing. This happens in any case, no matter if I open the market browser from the sidebar, or from an item via “view in market” etc. If I leave the market browser open and minimize it, it does not do this after the initial load. Additionally, if I have two clients running and one freeze, the other operates perfectly fine. This does not seem to be a problem caused by my system under load. It is a game client centric issue.

Really not sure why this is happening all of the sudden. I have never had a problem with Eve like this before. Haven’t changed any hardware and my system should be more than capable of running this game with zero problems. It is the worst on Emilia, but I am having it happen to other accounts I use too.

I recall in patch notes somewhere (I have looked and can’t find the exact post) that there was some sort of exploit that was patched a little while back. One which can cause user’s market browser and/or other windows to lag intensely like this. The exploit was triggered with a maliciously formed in game link I think? I am not sure if that is what happened to me. Maybe I clicked on something I shouldn’t have.

I would appreciate some assistance on fixing this though. It is getting very aggravating.

Is there anyone else who is experiencing this? Or anyone who has experienced it before? I’ve tried several things including clearing cache through game settings. Any ideas would be appreciated.

If your still having this issue it would be good to submit it via a EVE Support - Submit Bug Report. To help troubleshoot having the EVE Support - Log Lite Tool running when you can re-create the issue and attaching the log to the bug report will speed investigation.

You aren’t alone, I have the same issue for months, maybe over a year.

So far I noticed the most trouble with the Special Edition Assets > Special Edition Commodities category in the Regional Market window.
Closing and opening the Regional Market window after viewing that folder or after searching an item from this will freeze the client for some seconds, while other clients, running at the same time, are unaffected.

My fix: Be in a different folder while closing the market window and/or close it first after searching for an item from a different category.

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Thank you. This was exactly it. I had a folder selected with a lot of items contained within (I think it was special edition commodities) and it was causing my game to lag every time. I selected a different folder, in my case heavy drones, and now the market browser opens instantly on load.

This happened to one of my clients after viewing the Special Edition Commodities category due to looking at these new Shipcaster Datacores and such from the new event. I wouldn’t have put two and two together without this thread, so thank you a lot! A quick selection of another category in the market and several days worth of unexplainable laggy client is instantly resolved!

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