Hang loading / viewing market

Is anyone else seeing an issue when trying to view / access the market? I noticed this today albeit I haven’t played much if at all over the bank holiday weekend but when I right-click an item and select “View Market Details” the entire client hangs for between 10 and 30 (!) seconds before showing (most of the time…) the market orders. Clearly it’s loading orders but quite why it appears to be doing it in the main processing thread is beyond me…

Likewise, if I click the “Regional Market” icon in the main sidebar I get the same behaviour.

As I say, this appears to have happened after an update in the last day or two. Any ideas how to work around this or is this a bug?

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Same issue here since months. It started with a few items from certain item groups, now the client freezes regularly for a few seconds no matter what item. Thankfully not 30 yet!

At the moment I’d say it’s bad coded. The client shouldn’t freeze while loading the market datas.

Same here, often have to force close client when opening market in Jita.

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