Market Browser Bug

As you can see from the screenshot, i cannot see all the available items in the Regional Market using the tree view control in the Browse tab. The search feature also does not find the item in this case a Shadow Serpentis 50mn MWD.

Any workarounds or fixes?

have you switched off filters ?

Yes. All filters are off.

That probably means , that’s the only item available in the region. You do notice you’re in catch right ?

The item is available in catch. see the screenshot.

Why is it not showing up in the tree view control under the Browse tab?

having the same problem .

So has anyone from CCP been notified about this?

I am having an issue, I am in a station with items for sale, but when I open the market browser the tree is empty? The settings are Region, no filters, auto refresh. Any ideas on a fix Thanks

Same issue here.

been reported weeks ago but they wont say or do a thing about it

are you at a npc station or citadel?

It’s been reported to ccp a few times over last few months and they have said very nicely to just put up with it . So I’m guessing it’s not getting fixed anytime soon

Same Issue here, but the whole market browser is fully empty, I can only see things if i de-select the “show only available” option, nothing else works.

Side note: I’ve only tried in citadels so far, not been to any npc stations yet since this issue appeared a few weeks ago.


Anyone find a fix for this yet?

Had problems with this for last 6 months . Took them 4 months to even reply to my ticket then was told weeks ago they are looking into it . So by the way they are looking into all the other problems they just don’t give a ■■■■

Market fails too pick up anything in citadels in a general search.

been ■■■■■■ up for months and ccp are totally refusing to say its a problem never mind fixing it

I’m having a somewhat different issue with the market, but this seems like a good place to mention it. I’ve been chasing deals from region to region. I’ve had a couple where I go to a station that says it has buy orders for my items. When I click on the item to sell, it even brings up the contract price I’m after. Once I confirm the sale, it changes to “the buy order you are trying to sell to doesn’t exist.” The first time I thought maybe someone just beat me to it. But it has happened a couple of times now, where everything is perfect until it isn’t. I’ve had a ticket open all month and still haven’t had a response. I get that there are risks to playing the market, but if it seems bugged, I’m afraid to play that whole aspect of the game. Has anyone else every had anything like this happen?

You arent running into a bug. You’re getting scammed. Google “margin trading scam” for more information.