A small grife with the market functionality

when i sort the market to only show avaliable items. it only shows sell orders. there is no good way for some one to find what buy orders are avaliable in a stations market exept trying to sell something.

this is a small but annoying issue i have with the current market system and if there could be some way to search what buy orders are avaliable in a station that would make the life of small trading hubs way better.

Do you really need to filter? The orders you can sell to are coloured in green so it is pretty easy to see which ones are available in your station and which are not.

Not sure i get this either, if i want to check the buy orders of an item i right click it and view market details.

What use is finding buy orders without knowing the item you want to sell first?

Also, there is a problem with that. You can set buy orders for anything, even if no one is selling them and they will be undervalue, with some exceptions.

So, what is the real point for it?

And yes, they could add an option for it to filter them the same way we do for selling orders, but I think they use will be marginal.

Seems like something the API ought to be able to do.

ok ill adress your questions… go to a station where there are only buy orders and no sell orders… check the box show avaliable. you will see that there is nothing avaliable in the station … when i fact there is buy orders avaliable.

Ok, I get the point. You want to know where you can set up a Market Place and supply it with stuff, but you are not interested in few Items, just what that Market needs. Correct?

In that case, yes it may be needed a filter. I do not know if the API can handle it right now and I do not know how much time will be needed to develope, so may be something for “Little thinks / Small QoL” or too big for is posible usage.

indeed for our lil market in our wh where the corp has more buy orders then sell orders up, it would be nice to have a way for members to instantly get an overwiew of what buy orders there are to fill

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