Possible Filters For Selling

Hi there, just an idea so hear me out. I think being able to add in filters to remove certain things, so say only display buyers within your station compared to when you are looking for a buyer and looking for the highest sale price, it often will give you buyers outside your station which is kind of annoying and i’m sure sellers finds it annoying as well

You can click on the column headings to sort the buy and sell order lists. Clicking on ‘Jumps’ will sort the list such that items in your station can be at the top of your list.

Orders you can sell to are highlighted in green and have a green dot to the left. They are not required to be in the same station as you to sell to if the person who entered the order also entered a range from the origin in jumps that the order is effective to. If you don’t want to consider orders outside your station, you can sort the station orders to the top using the above method, but I’m not sure you can actually select what order gets filled when you sell. I think the highest bidder gets it regardless of your asking price, but I’m not sure whether it’s the asking price or the offer price that takes priority.

(If you want to sell an item at your station for the highest available price right now, by the way, change your order to ‘Immediate’ instead of some time value. Immediate orders will execute only on orders you can sell to right now, and they do not charge a broker fee, either, since no market order is entered on your behalf.)

There are already (at least) two place to set filters for what the market shows you. Have you tried there?

Also I just (re)discorvered I could hide the ticker! :muscle: (the minuscule tiny little arrow at the very bottom right of the market window)

hi, i meant the menu with buyers and sellers

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