Buy orders question

Greetings! Why is it, that when i place a buy order with lowest price, its not listed on top of the orders? I double checked that my price is lowest on station. What other attribute is considered? The amount of the product or duration of order?

If you are doing buy orders then yours needs to be the highest price, not lowest. but also if you click the price column it will toggle between high > low and low > high.

Do you mean ‘sell order’? A buy order is higher the better for the person listing market orders to fill. (The naming of the orders is from the point of view of the person looking for orders. A person looking for a buyer scans buy orders, a person who wants a seller scans sell orders.)

Other than that, the sort order is arbitrary and can be changed. It can be sorted by price, range, etc by clicking on the columns, either ascending or descending. Check to see you have set the sort order according to your expectations.

Sorry guys, got confused within the orders window. You are right of course :slight_smile:

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