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Can somebody please explain to me how sell/buy market works, because i dont get it.
My question is why when i m sellin XX item for xx price, i usuali get much more than for small amounts that i set the price.

selling Zydrine for 2000 ISK/ somebody buys 4 Zydrine from me for 3500 ISK (but i still have stock)
selling Isogen for 55 ISK/ somebody buys small amount for 65, 74 or 100 ISK (but i still have stock)
selling nocxium for 1800 ISK/ somebody buys 2 Nocxium for 3000 or 4500 ISK or more (…).

From taday example:

Im selling 1124957 units of tritanium for 8,85/ 1. buyer bought 2000 units for 8,85 ISK
2. buyer bought 900 units for 10 ISK
3. buyer bought 12000 for 20 ISK

Is it about how much items somebody buy (small amount selling for higher) or what. Im getting very different prices for small amounts (usualy much higher than i set).

THX for an answer.

It is because of bad sorting of sell orders. People want to buy 1000 Zydrine and see first offer for 3500. So they buy it but get 4 yours because 3500 offer has had only 996 pieces, so system gives them your stuff. But you get the price, that buyer payed (so - 3500). If buyer would have orders sorted according to price, so he will see your offer first and take it. But he did a mistake or was too hasty and careless.

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greetings mate. feel free to.mail me in game so I share you my discord. I’ll be glad to help you out about market.

AAAA…OK, i get it.


Eve market orders are akin to ‘limit orders’ … i.e. “I will sell X at price Y or better, but not below Y”.

In addition to what erg cz mentioned, suppose there are a few orders for X at Price Y, and each order has 10 items, but the buyer needs 50. If he places one order for 50 units at price N, which is above Y, then all those limit orders with a price below N will be filled first, starting with the orders with the lowest price. Each seller will get N, and not Y, since the sell orders are ‘limit orders’.

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