Is it even worthwhile to sell things in lowsec?

So I’ve always been a proponent of selling things away from market hubs, making my prices as low as possible and using sites like EveMarketer to verify all of that. I’ve managed to sell things I’d receive from exploration fairly well in Genesis, away from the “market hub” of that region in Apanake. However, as I’ve recently moved to Aridia and the region is, for the most part, entirely lowsec, I’ve been wondering whether I should try establishing something there or not.

I base out of a lowsec system with multiple gates in to the system, and one that isn’t as violent as some of the other systems in the region as I figured accessibility and being in a system that seems safer than others around may be more attractive to potential buyers. What’s holding me back from fully committing on that, though, is that I figure that any actual pirates in the area probably have market alts to deliver things to them from established market hubs, should the need arise.

I’m fully aware that I won’t be making as much as if I would just sell it in Jita and do the same old market grind that most people do, but I’m more interested in providing convenience to the local populace than anything else, and the ISK I get from selling these things is good enough as it is. I’m mostly concerned with if my stuff will even sell at all, and if people would want to even bother buying things from a low-security system.

Is it even worth it to attempt this? Or should I find somewhere more hi-sec to sell my stuff?

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Lowsec faction warfare hubs do a lot of business. Aridia is one of the quieter lowsec regions, you might have trouble there.

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NPC mission hubs use lots of munitions and components, just fly around a bit and see volume/price for items selling at hubs.

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I think it’s worth it if you search for lowsec systems that have lots of fighting activity and then take the time to get to know the locals in that system, because even self-sufficient lowsec pilots need help with selling loot and buying equipment and ships.

When they trust you, then you get the contracts. This is how you learn what the locals need so you can take the initiative to buy/build/whatever ahead of time and have it ready.

They want to fight. The less time they have to spend feeding that habit through alts (by paying you to do it) the better.

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