Making my own Trading Hub

Hi, I am fairly new to the Marketing world but feel like I have done fairly well for myself in the time I have been Marketing. I started Marketing about 3-4 months ago in only Amarr with about 500mil buying and selling Ammo. Then I created a second alt and placed him in Dodixie and did the same thing. Then I moved on to Moduals. Then I Created 2 more alts and Placed them in Jita and Rens. Then I moved on to drugs, Small Ships, and some other odds and Ends. Now I am buying Large ships and high end Moduals and just started to buy and sell some Plex items.

In that time frame, I went from 500mill to 127B in total Assets. And i am trying to expand into trying to maintain my own trading Hub because I enjoy the Marketing world and I just like the idea of owning a trade hub where I can put up 0% and let others enjoy the benefit on it as well.

I am looking for information on where to start? What structure should I be looking to buy? If I am even close to the amount of money it might cost? Am I able to put one up in Perimeter or am I just going to get war decked and it gone in a Day? Any information into this would be great.

Thanks in advance.


Azbel is the cheapest. Price depends on if you combat fit it or just do market.

Perimeter you will die within the week probably.

Don’t forget about fuel costs

Aww I see. So how do some player owned trade hubs stay up for so long? Corp backing it up with 24h security?

You are still small potato, to operate private trade hub on good place you must pay protection to big guys, and price is several hundred billion ISK per month.

Good Luck

If you take business from an established market - they will probably hire a mercenary group to destroy your structure. If the structure is for your own use - not interfering with anyone else, it is rarely worth the time and effort to destroy - at least in highsec.

Wow thats a ton! several hundred billion per month!! I had no idea! Thanks for the tip there.

Yea that does make sense. I was just thinking if I went to the other side of jita, away from Perimeter or even two jumps out, do you think that would make a difference or will they still come and hunt me down?

Your hub will die, regardless whether private or public. Range orders are publically visible, you can‘t hide the existence.

If they consider you competition, you will likely die. The Null coalitions run Perimeter, Test recently took over from Pandemic Horde. - if you know the right people, you may be able to work a deal - that’s not my area of expertise. I make stuff and sell it in the smaller hubs - lower volumes, higher margins and less competition - the big players usually aren’t interested.

It depends on what you want to do. Do you want to leech off the hub status of the established market, or do you want to create a standalone market place?

I guess I was trying to make more of a stand alone market place, but from the feedback I am getting here, it seems like it won’t be able to do that without a massive alliance backup.

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Yes, thats about the long and the short of it. just like anything in eve, having backup massively increases your chances of success. and without said backup you are going to struggle trying to go up against those who have it.
the market hubs are MASSIVE sources of wealth, as such they are juicy targets.

That being said, there is still room for smaller groups to get their foot in the door, you just need to think a bit more creatively. back in the day I made a good amount of isk by selling ships, modules, and ammunition in faction warfare areas, with a small group of friends (or with the support of a local faction warfare/pirate group) you could likely set up a small market hub in one of those location.

the common factor to all of these though, is that its unlikely you will be able to do it on your own. you don’t necessarily need to bend the knee to one of the null alliances, but you do need to find SOMEONE to help you out.


One option would be to partner with a larger group who need supplies in a particular area. This would give you both the market/list of items to sell, as well as backup invested in your success. Now whether or not any sufficiently large groups currently exist who are looking for such a service is another matter. If you are really into the idea, I would recommend reaching out to corporations and alliances in the area you want to work, to get a feel for what the demand/support would look like

TEST are already losing structures and never gained meaningful plex/injector market share to even remotely cover the costs of keepstar.

No easy business and TEST is the 2nd largest null bloc in game.

There are small markets serving the local populations throughout New Eden. Generally, these people buy stock in Jita and transport it by jump freighter. Obviously, you need the support of the locals but, you’re providing a service and it’s not the kind of gameplay that attracts most people to low/nullsec. You’re largely playing the metagame - politics and economics - not the stuff CCP developed!

I’m having a really hard time believing that in 3-4 months someone station trading in Amarr and Dodixie turned 500 million into 127 billion. I mean, at this rate, you’ll have a few quadrillion isk in just a few more months! I’m surprised you are even concerned about what kind of structure to buy, or whether you will get war decced. Why not just buy one of each and plunk them down in every system? WIth your exponential growth, no null sec power bloc will be able to keep up.

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I spent months trying to learn this and just didn’t get it. Some people are just built to learn faster, it isn’t for me. Sadly, I wanted to do market trading…

Any advice on how to not suck at trading then lol

and yes, sadly if you put up a structure within 5 jumps or so of jita, it will be destroyed within the week.

Check the zkill for azbels.

Sorry for late reply, I have not been on the forums in a little while. I will tell you what I did to gain that much in that short amount of time. I will also tell you that I have hit a peak where I am not exponentially growing anymore. I have not really done the math but I make about 1-2bill a day that I am trading.

I have already explained that I started in Amarr with ammo then modulus but I will also tell you that sense I have Created the alt in Jita, I spend about 75% of my time there compared to Amarr, Dodixie, and Rens Combined. There is a ton of opportunities out there, expecially in moving things between trade hubs if you know where to look. Which brings me to my next point, Research.

On any given day I would spend about 4-8 hours marketing and at least 2 of those hours were spend researching. In the beginning, I would spend this on Youtube videos on how to market and what margin trading was and other general terms so that I could get a good grasps on the basics of trading. Then I spend many hours looking for the best websites that could help me find items with good margins and good volumes. That is where I found Ammo to be a good source on income for the amount of money I could invest at the time. I eventually found this Website that I still use to this day to find other items that I might invest into. This helped me with station trading and station to station trading.

Station Trading is pretty self explanatory in just found new items within the station to buy and sell. Station to Station trading is a little different and need to spend a lot more time researching. One of my best find was the Gila. At one point, I was buying Gilas in Jita for around 220mil and selling them for 330mil in Dodixie. Now of course the volume in Dodixie was much lower than Jita but I still managed to sell between 5-10 a day. Little items like this really add up when you find huge margins like these.

It really just boils down to putting in the time. Researching for me, was the best part of marketing and I enjoyed doing it. The big bulk of the time was spend updating prices which can be a pain to do. When I first started, I did not have that many orders, so I updated every single order (about 100) many different times a day. Now with over 600 orders, there is no way i can do this. I look for about 20-30 items that make me the most money for the time and update those many times a day. The rest of the orders I update once a day. In jita, I try to update those twice a day.

That is basically it. It really boils down to a couple steps. Research, Invest, and Update. Every week on your days off you may want to do some extra research because price change and you may need to which up you investments if your margins get too small. Hope this helps a little bit in your future eve trading. I am still learning and growing as a trader and certainly am not the best out there, but still think I know a little bit when it comes to trading.

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I made 100bn’s from trading in the last months, I have 2 accounts and I am currebtly puting monocoles on all my chars as I have more liquid isk than I know what to do with. 10bn per day is peanuts for trading.