Making my own Trading Hub

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I can tell you are a scammer, but I won’t tell you how I know, because that would help you scam.

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My personal advise, the trade hubs so far are created because of their location and historic reasons, the introduction of player owned citadels incentivised player run hubs but all the successful ones still gravitate towards the existing trade hubs for the same reasons the NPC ones existed.

If you want people to go out of their way to remember your hub/station, you need a substantial daily trade volume.

Some numbers to put things into perspective:

Jita trade volume sits at 57T sell and 13T buy.
Second place is Amarr, with only 11T sell and 3T buy.
Third place is Dodixie, which is expensive and not great these days, at only 5B sell and 1B buy.

Tranquility Trading Tower is different in that the ratio of sell-buy is inverted due to proximity to Jita 4-4 but low sales tax, with 9B buy and less than 3B sell.

I would be very impressed if you can match the trade volumes of the microhubs that exist in places such as Orvolle, Villore, Kamio - places like this have trade volumes around 100-200 billion buy/sell daily. The Azbel is however by far the most common player-run market hub.

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Nice to see you initiative. But 127B in assets is small peanuts. Not really worth making your own trade hub with next to nothing in your bank.

Once you have a trillion ISK you could consider it, but you would need to be moving hundreds of billions per month and I would think you would need a corp and some willing helpers keep your station alive… unless you have no life, then I guess you could do it… but 127B is kind of like an adult jumping into a kiddie pool head first… good luck whatever you do :slight_smile:

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