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With every-10-minutes price data on commonly-traded items in not only Jita, but Dodixie, Amarr, Hek and Rens gathered fresh from ESI market API. Prices will refresh as new data comes in, no need to hit your browser’s reload button.

Or, just run a price check on almost any item in EVE in those hubs.

Bug reports are welcome.

i have a question, why all the website with trading router do not working anymore? you had one too?

Not sure what you mean. Might have been an API outage of some sort.

Anyway, we’ve updated and are now tracking prices of fuel blocks, PLEX, and skill trading items.

Thanks, very useful to have salvage, PI etc grouped together.

hmm why it show in jita sell price of plex 3,077,601.00 but in real its…: 2,964,986.73

can it work with other “trade hub” like null’s entity staging?

It cannot yet get prices from Upwell structures. I’d like to add this in the future though.

Update: It appears to be picking up the price of PLEX at Jita 4-4 properly, minus a bit of lag. It is not picking up all the offshored orders in Senda and Perimeter because those are beyond it’s scope at present.

I have added a disclaimer for now.

Major back-end update today, focused on getting prices from API faster.

Now bringing you price data every 10 minutes. If all goes well, this can go down to every 5 minutes after more testing.

Also, fixed searches for some of the more recent items including the drops from The Hunt.

I might be dumb, but I thought there was a cache timer that prevented you from pulling new information more then once an hour?

With the change over to the ESI API, cache timers are set per API endpoint, with market orders having a 5 minute timer.

How do you not have the MCT on there?

This is ■■■■■■■ great! thank you!

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