Questions regarding Singularity

Hello dear capsuleers,
Yesterday I joined the mass test on singularity. I have a few Questions About it.
Since a short time i’m going to Singularity and test some stuff (the ACTIVITY-THING) will be a great Thing when installed on Tranqility :slight_smile:
I didn’t know where I have to do the commandline they where asking to be at the test-site. So I flew there and came a bit too late and was poddet and then I flew into the Combat site….so that was a bit sad.
But all is good so my Question is:
Where do I type in (“command /moveme to”) ?
I didn’t received the skillpoints, is the reason because i flew there or I came too late?
Is there a CHANEL to join this Tests? There was one but I#m not sure if this was the Right one.
Where do i submit Bugs I found?
thx in advance

Those commands are typed into any chat channel.

Also, it would only be /moveme

I don’t believe command /moveme is going to get you anything.

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ok thank you…i must have done something wrong…so what would be the Right comman?:

if you feel you came across a bug, there is a topic for feedback for that mass test if that is what you are referring to a bug about… post in that topic and it will be looked into.

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These commands are with the server. No one is going to see them other than yourself. When you request a move, the server responds with a dialog requesting the system to which you want to move.

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Available commands and instructions:


great….sorry, i should have looked the whole Forum for the Bugs…i found it. I hopefully get the reward in another masstest then……
That thread can be closed then by admin

There i have another Question: Rule 7 says that I cannt sell items for isk….but how then do i get isk to buy anything. At the Point of mirroring my character had Little isk to fit his ship….can i Transfer isk from Tranquility to Singularity or use my plex?

Anything that is seeded on the market is 100 isk. Buy an expensive ship and then self destruct it for insurance.

Rule 7 applies to selling an item on singularity for isk on tranquility.

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Thank You, fly safe

I asked for help in Support, and they said >I have to ask here. I do not think anyone in here can help me…anyway I’ll wait for the next mass test. thank you gods

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