Spring Mass Test, Take 2

Hello Capsuleers!

We are planning a mass test on Singularity on Tuesday, April 2nd, at 17:00 UTC (= EVE time)!

What exactly is being tested?

Client performance, stability, and crash resolution

  • More detailed instructions are available here.

Test steps:
Please join the channels MassTesting (for instructions), MassQuestions (for feedback)

  1. We will start in FD-MLJ, at the gate to X-BV98
  2. Jump to X-BV98.
  3. Warp to Keepstar
  4. Dock and Undock repeatedly
  5. Warp to Poitot gate
  6. Fleet W: Jump to Poitot + setup gate camp.
  7. Fleet X: Jump to Poitot + fight at the gate

What else should I know?

  • All ships and weapon systems are welcome
  • Bring appropriate ammunition
  • Use the command /moveme to be moved to the start system FD-MLJ

Will there be a second 2m skill point award for this test?

All mass tests participants are rewarded!

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Any special ship types or modules that would be a benefit, or is this more or less to test the new code fixing the issue from the previous test which caused so many of us to crash? Cheers, and thanks!


Is that a 64 bit client test or just a regular one ?

More along the lines of testing the general client performance now that we’ve resolve the primary culprit from the last mass test. But we’ll also have our eyes open for other issues, so getting participation up to similar levels would be really good.

No specific modules, but (as per usual) do not fire unless ordered to by your FC!

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The general public will be on 32 unless they’ve hacked a way into 64. A few engine/platform focused developers here will undoubtedly be using the opportunity to do some focused testing on memory use and system resources in 64. We’re doing everything we can to get that finely tuned well before shipping.


so you’re saying hacking my way to 64-bit is officially approved then? :slight_smile:



Thank you for participating in this mass test.

2M skill points have been added to 217 characters on Singularity as reward.

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