Mass Test on Singularity: Wednesday, 27th March at 1700

Greetings bug hungry Capsuleers,

We are planning a mass test on Singularity on Wednesday, March 27th, at 17:00 UTC (= EVE time) to test improvements to shadows and other changes.

What exactly is being tested?

  • Shadows – We have made improvements to our shadow system, especially around client performance and stability, but also with small visual improvements.
  • SKINS – We are making improvements to how SKINs are handled to make the systems around them more robust.
  • Grids – We have been tinkering under the hood on how player positions are tracked on grid.
  • We are also investigating a long-standing issue resulting in, upon undocking, ships not ending up where they expected.

Because of the nature of these changes, players are encouraged to use carriers and capitals (or anything else you manage to fit fighter squadrons into), or any ship they feel comfortable flying!

How to connect to Singularity for this test:

  • Change the server from Tranquility to Singularity in the top right corner of the launcher and log in as normal.
  • More detailed instructions are available here.

What else should I know?
15,000 Evermarks will be rewarded on Tranquility for participating.



+5 characters. Goons support you guys.

How long is the test server going to be online for this?

I would not expect more than a few hours and last time they actively removed players who were not participating with the mass test.

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And don’t shut down the server after that.


Since Mass tests are not common, why not implement a new mirror update in front of the mass test. That would be great.

They will

Check the

for todays Sisi update :slight_smile:
“Ship Skin Design Components”

Also check this CCP office user screen in background :slight_smile:

I wonder if it will be accessible during mass test :thinking:

this, not able to join because of “character not implemented on singularity”

Unfortunately, we were not able to have Singularity mirrored before this mass test, so some Capsuleers may be unable to join ; I apologize for this oversight.

For Capsuleers that are able to join us, VIP has been lifted ; please gather in FD-MLJ, the test will be starting at 1700.

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I am trying to join using the M2 Mac client, but unfortunatly it crashes immedatly for me after selecting my character.

I’ve tried lowering the graphics settings at the character select screen with no success.

It managed about 10 minutes at like 4:50pm, but no longer. LogLite says client is exiting with code 6.

Edit: tried creating a new char, that was good and running fine, was able to submit a bug report that way. Until I /moveme to FD-, then the client crashed.

Feels similar to a client crash I experience on Tranquility in large fleets if I don’t lower the graphics settings to low.

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+1 for Mac crashes on my Macbook Pro M2. Can login but crashes in Jita after a few seconds


Another for crashes on M1 Mac. If I’m lucky I can see a brief glimpse of my docked ship, but 9/10 times it just crashes at character login.

Additional info: M1 Max with 32GB RAM, so not a resource issue

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What do we do? Just fly around and stuf?

Lol, my specs…

Wow tidi making everything unusable. No fit button in fitting tool. I feel I lost 1.5 hours of my life

The tidi was pretty good in the cap battle at the end, weapons and everything worked really well.

Thank you all who were able to attend and helping us identify issues ; the mass test has now concluded. If you were able to participate and noticed an issue, please report it if you have not (it’s better to have too many reports than to have an issue missed.)

Thanks again, and fly safe o7


Could you guys turn the server on before the masstest next time? It took me an hour to get all my stuff sorted and by the time I got to the location it was already over.

Also seeding sp on the market would be appreciated when you’re specifically wanting certain ships with high sp requirements tested. I bought all the sp I could on the NES store, only to have it not be enough to sit in a carrier.

And please write duration of test next time. I was trying to log few minutes ago and what? And nothing, test ended already … :frowning: Sad :frowning: