Mass Test on Singularity: Tuesday, 14th May at 1700

Greetings bug hungry Capsuleers,

We are planning a mass test on Singularity on Tuesday, 14th of May, at 17:00 UTC (= EVE time) to test improvements to SKINS and other changes

What exactly is being tested?

  • SKINS – We are making improvements to how SKINs are handled to make the systems around them more robust.
  • Stability - we have identified and fixed a mac related stability issue

How to connect to Singularity for this test:

  • Change the server from Tranquility to Singularity in the top right corner of the launcher and log in as normal
  • More detailed instructions are available here

What else should I know?

We have performed a mirror of Tranquility to Singularity as of 09-MAY-24

15,000 Evermarks will be rewarded on Tranquility for participating

Could this be posted to the “Mass Testing info” mailinglist in game as well please?



Singularity is now open for the Mass test if you want to get on a little early.

If you are attempting to launch an account with previously saved details, the account will likely have expired, and you’ll be greeted with the message below.

If you click “Add Account” and log in with your login details that would have been correct as of 09-MAY-24 you should be able to join as normal.

My EVE OSX client keeps crashing every 30 seconds after login (not doing anything, just sitting idle in-game in Jita).

Well, that’s it for me - I’m unable to even connect now after being moved to the mass testing system. It just crashes on launch. Tried a half dozen times and it won’t even load into the game.

If you need any logs/etc. feel free to send me an email. Cheers. o7

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Same, managed to fit a ship, but undocking and the client crashes not long after that.


Yep crashing for me too, can’t even log in just crashes as soon as I try.


Thanks, had fun with the Croissant

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Is the MASS test over already?

I deleted my sisi account, then added it - but only see the “unable to connect” etc.

If the mirror has been disabled - would be nice to know that as well.


Mirror done 5 days ago. Mass test is usually 2 hrs
Shouldnt have deleted your sisi.

It wouldn`t even get that far before deleting and adding it again.

Can you login now?

Was driving earlier. That is not the error you get when trying to log into sisi when its offline. Normally it says something along the lines of the cluster is not accepting connections

That is the message after the popup dialog is closed. Didn’t know which was the better message to pass along.


TLDR: Just asking, if the mass test is over - just as it is great that it was announced that it is coming, would be good to announce it is closed again. :slight_smile:

The past 2 (counting this one) they didnt announce but looking at the time stamps in the last test in march, it coincides that it was a 2 hour test, and since this one dealt with skins most likely was 2 hrs as well. If you didnt plan on actual testing, you would have been booted off possibly like last time

I haven’t been on sisi in years. Would have had fun testing. I used to do a lot of that - commenting on - my humble opinion - of the UI developed. I managed to find a few things - back in the days of POS :wink:

And this one seemed simple enough. Would have been good to see who else actually helps out.

C’est ca - C’est EvE !

You may want to look into this a bit more…

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Rewards for those who participated have been distributed. Thanks to everyone who took part.