Mass test on Singularity: Thursday, December 14th, 2017


(CCP Habakuk) #1


We are planning a mass test on Singularity on Thursday, December 14th, at 17:00 UTC (= EVE time)!

What exactly is being tested?

How to connect to Singularity for this test:
Change the server from Tranquility to Singularity in the upper left corner of the launcher and log in as normal. More detailed instructions are available here.

Test steps:
(not final)

  1. Meet in FD-MLJ docked at a station
  2. Undock and warp to the gate to X-BV98
  3. Load and unload weapons
  4. Jump to X-BV98 (best while weapons are still reloading)
  5. Further tests for loading and unloading of weapons
  6. Fleet W: Jump to Poitot + setup gate camp.
  7. Fleet X: Jump to Poitot + fight at the gate

What else should I know?

  • Use the command /moveme to be moved to the start system FD-MLJ
  • 2M Skill points will be awarded on Singularity for this mass test

(Tychicus Banner) #2

Is there a way get notification for Mass server tests? Is there like a mail list or something?

(CCP Habakuk) #3

Sure, I added detailed instructions on how to join the mailing list in the previous mass test thread: Mass test on Singularity: Thursday, November 23rd, 2017

(isevisa isevisa) #4

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(Connor lars) #5

Hi the time is 1613 Eve time and I am getting an error trying to log into singularity… is there a reason can log into tranquility OK

(CCP Habakuk) #6

It seems like a deployment to SSO for Singularity did not go as expected and the team for the SSO is currently working on fixing it.

(Connor lars) #7

Thank you CCP Habakuk the time in my part of Australia is 15/12/17 0224 Hrs Im not sure I can stay awake much longer… do you think it will be fixed today ?

(Xue Oy) #8

Same here. The message simply said:

An error occured

(Connor lars) #9

It appears according to CCP Habakuk that there are some technical issues…

(CCP Habakuk) #10

The SSO issues have been resolved now. You should be able to login now.

(Skyla Miller) #11

Got this message now:

Sorry, but an error occured while processing your request.

Error code: 5853A0E3-0677-4EBE-B974-7E3F3ACB1728

(Connor lars) #12

Thanks It is working for me in Aus now

(Bill HInkley) #13

Still receiving the error in the US. ERROR CODE: 17C69DC3-A38F-486A-835E-F9D9DADFFF12

(Zirqel Vinqel) #14

Error code: 2D921D3F-784A-45EA-BE48-68D0C07F779E

(Tyr Vega) #15

tried to log on but it says my user name/password is invalid for the test server…

(Evocationz Adhera) #16

England here - No, can’t log in, just get an error message :stuck_out_tongue:

(Colander Regyri) #17

Error code: C4831392-024E-48CE-9F8E-D0CBE2068086 in Canada. Multiple problems?

(CCP Habakuk) #18

YEah, it seems like there is still a further issue - which is being investigated.
We are waiting a few minutes before starting the mass test.

(CCP Habakuk) #19

It seems like the errors stopped now - are you able to login now?

(Zydos Mangeiri) #20

Is there a ingame channel to join?